Charge and Membership

Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

General policies concerning athletics at Ohio University are determined by the President and Board of Trustees in consultation with the Director of Athletics. The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee assists the President, Provost, Director of Athletics, and the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representatives in the interpretation and implementation of athletic policies. The ICA is an advisory group reporting to the President; it works closely with the Director of Athletics and the Athletic Department. The ICA membership, listed below, is comprised of student, faculty, staff and community representatives, plus the Director of Athletics and the Senior Woman Administrator.

The Committee is concerned with all facets of intercollegiate athletics at Ohio University. Policies and procedures pertaining to athletics are under the jurisdiction of the Committee subject to the approval of the President. Such matters include:

  1. Serve as liaison between student athletes and other members of the academic community. Review of major policy statements, motions and other significant matters to be introduced or acted on at MAC and/or the NCAA meetings.
  2. Review of Athletics Department gender equity plans, with a view to recommending specific actions to further progress toward compliance.
  3. Involvement in strategic planning efforts undertaken by the Athletics Department.
  4. Involvement in periodic self-study reviews as mandated by either the MAC or the NCAA.
  5. Periodic review of governance policies relating to such issues as student athlete eligibility processes, disciplinary practices and student absences from campus for athletic participation. Recommendations for alterations in practices, or the creation of new policies or practices may be made to the Director of Athletics and/or President as appropriate.
  6. Review of, and possible sponsorship of, academic and athletic awards presented to current student athletics.
  7. Representation on search committees for head coaches and/or senior staff by members of the Committee.
  8. Responding to requests from the President and/or Director of Athletics for recommendations on issues not covered in the above, as deemed appropriate or advisable.

On an on-going basis, most of the Committee's work will be in direct consultation with the Director of Athletics and other staff in the Athletics Department. As a means of keeping the President informed, minutes of meetings will be sent to the President on a regular basis. 


Faculty :  5 Voting; 2 NCAA Faculty Athletics Representatives
Students :  3 Voting (1 Graduate Student; 2 Undergraduate Students
Administrative : 2 Voting; 2 Non-Voting (Athletic Director and Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director)
Classified : 1 Voting

Total : 18 Total (16 Voting, including 1 Community Member)

Committee Roster

James  Odenthal Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation & Communication Sciences 2021
Michael Clevidence Health Sciences and Professions 2019
Gary Weckman Engineering and Technology 2019
LaWanda Ward Counseling and Higher Education 2020
Heather Lawrence-Benedict MAC Rep  
Thomas Vander Ven MAC Rep  
Undergraduate Students        
Emily Deering   2019
Alexa Grillis   2019
Graduate Student        
Alyssa Rice   2019
Christina Jenkins Student Accessibility Services 2020
Classified Staff        
Jacob Jakuszeit Library Services 2020
Community Member        
Awaiting Appointment      
Ex Officio        
Jim Schaus Athletic Director  
Amy Dean Sr. Associate Athletic Director  


All University committees follow the academic-year calendar. All students serve one-year terms. Undergraduate students are indicated by US and graduate students by GS. Faculty, administrators and staff generally serve three-year terms; the year a committee member's term expires is shown to the right of the person's name. Individuals who are not students and who have no year to the right of their names have Ex-Officio appointments. Ex-Officio appointments have voting privileges unless otherwise noted.