Charge and Membership

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council reviews, coordinates, and serves as an advocate for graduate education at Ohio University. The Council has both advisory and policy-recommending responsibilities for graduate education. The Council initiates, reviews, and recommends University-wide policy and new directions for graduate education.

The Graduate Council recommends to the University Curriculum Council the initiation, implementation, and elimination of graduate programs and degrees at Ohio University. Other recommendations by the Council go through the Provost to the President for final approval.

The composition of the Graduate Council represents both those departments granting Ph.D. degrees and those departments offering only Master's degrees. 


Faculty :  14 Voting (Minimum of 5 from Doctoral Programs and 5 from Master's-Only Programs)
Students :  3 Voting Graduate Students (1 President of Graduate Student Senate; 2 At Large; 1 Alternate)
Administrative : 8 Voting (Deans/Dean Equivalent or Designees of: Arts and Sciences, Business, Scripps, Patton, Russ, Fine Arts, Health Services and Professions, University Libraries, Heritage Osteopathic COM) and 1 Non-Voting (Associate Provost for Graduate Studies)
Classified : 0

Total : 26 (1 Non-Voting)

Committee Roster

Gordon Brooks, Chair Education Studies, Graduate Program 2020
Terry Cluse-Tolar HSP, Social and Public Health, Masters 2019
Charlotte Elster Physics/Astronomy 2020
Andrew Fodor Finance 2021
Peter Harrington Chemistry/Biochemistry, Doctoral 2019
Alexandra Hibbit COFA, Art, Masters 2019
Wojciech Jadwisienczak Electrical Engineering, Masters and Doctoral 2020
Paul Jones English 2021
Joseph Lee Linguistics 2021
Munir Nazzal Civil Engineering 2021
Erik Ramsey Theater 2019
Scott Sith COB, Sports Administration, Masters 2019
Jennifer Smith Fine Arts/Music Theory, Masters 2020
Lijing Yang Counseling and Higher Education 2021
Graduate Students        
Maria Modayil Graduate Student Senate President 2019
Charlotte Yang At Large 2019
Spencer  Cappelli At Large 2019
Fazel Bateni Alternate 2019
TBD Health Sciences and Professions  
Greg Newton Scripps College of Communication  
Chris Moberg College of Business  
Sonsolse De Lacalle Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Jody Lamb College of Fine Arts  
Shawn Ostermann Russ College  
Ann Paulins Patton College of Education  
Brian McCarthy College of Arts and Sciences  
Steve Howard Center for International Studies  
Mark Weinberg Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs  
University Libraries        
Janet Hulm Assistant Dean for Collections and Digital Initiatives
David Koonce Graduate College, Interim Dean  
Katherine Tadlock Graduate College, Assistant Dean  
Current as of September 14, 2018    

All University committees follow the academic-year calendar. All students serve one-year terms. Undergraduate students are indicated by US and graduate students by GS. Faculty, administrators and staff generally serve three-year terms; the year a committee member's term expires is shown to the right of the person's name. Individuals who are not students and who have no year to the right of their names have Ex-Officio appointments. Ex-Officio appointments have voting privileges unless otherwise noted.