Pre - and Post - Colonial Africa: Image and Developments in Sport and Physical Activity Dr. Rose Chepyator-Thomson
University of Georgia
Liberia New Hope Andrew Carlson
Ohio University
Playing for Peace: Conflict Resolution through Basketball Brendan Tuohey - Sean Tuohey - Gregory S. Sullivan
Ohio State University
Figures and Display: The Interplay between Sports, Aesthetics and Youth in Africa Evan Mwangi
Ohio University
Sports in Rwanda as an Instrument of Peace and Reconciliation after the 1994 Genocide Joseph Mugenga
Ohio University
"Playing Politics: Sports, Africa, and the American Empire" Damion Thomas
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Satellite Television, Ugandans and the British Premier League Soccer: A division of soccer fans' alliance between Manchester United and Arsenal Colin Lasu
Ohio University
Representations of African Athletes in Western Media: An Investigation of the Images of African Cultures and Sports in Sports Illustrated Magazine Juliette Storr
North Carolina State University
Cricket and Calypso in the African Diaspora: "This is not just Cricket" Denise Hughes
Ohio University
Sports and "Maraboutage" in Africa Beidy Sow
Ohio University
Starting youth sport programs in your area: what will work Jack Hutslar
North American Youth Sports Institute (NAYSI)
Art vs. Science - The battle of playing styles in Cameroonian discourses about soccer Bea Vidacs
York College, CUNY
Sports in Africa: A potential Tool for Community Empowerment Youssouf Diallo
Ohio University
Collaboration, Competence and Youth Leadership Development: the YES Africa Model Jemadari Kamara
University of Massachusetts
Case Study: Collaboration is Key: How Track and Field Athletes Helped Turn the Sports Around in Ghana Andrew Owusu
Middle Tennessee State University
Financial and Playing Surface Aspects of the Constructing African Sports Facilities Jim Reese
Ohio University
Catching them young: The case of Botswana soccer development I.U Onyewadume & M.M. Mokgwathi
University of Botswana
Africa Athletic Fund: Strategic Alternative, Opportunities and Challenges Lewis K. E. Chongwoni
Ohio University
Socialism and African Sports: The End of History Matthew Kirwin
Ohio University
A Review of the Sports Organizational Development Politics, Practices, and procedures for Nigeria and Cameroon Dele-Jane Osawe - Dwayne B. Thomas
The politicization of Sports in Zimbabwe. The case of the government's involvement in the administration of soccer Douglas Mpondi
Ohio University
Islam Gender and Sports in Africa Martha Saavedra
University of California, Berkeley
Cultural Interplay of Gender in Sports Participation: The case of Guinea Aissatou Balde
Ohio University
Rethinking Sport in Africa: Black Youth in Southern Africa Before the Colonial Era Peter Alegi
Eastern Kentucky University
The World Dominance of Kenyan Male Distance Runners: Are they Genetically Superior? Scott Armstrong
Baldwin Wallace College

Round Table: Forward Strategies
Jemadari Kamara
- Yes Africa
Martha Saavedra University of California, Berkeley
Peter Alegi Eastern Kentucky University
Andrew Owusu Middle Tennessee State University

Youth, Sports and Africa
African Sports Across Disciplines Workshop

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