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Editor’s Notes

Welcome to the revived IMPUMELELO and a new issue of the journal.  Beginning with this one, I hope to institute several changes.  In this note, I want to inform our readers of the plans for future issues of the journal and the new features we hope to add.

First, my goal is to have the journal on a regular publication schedule of two issues per year.  This one represents the first issue for 2008, and while it will not have all the planned changes, it does put the journal back on track.  I am very hopeful of another coming out in December or shortly thereafter.  With the active support and help (both past and present) from the Editorial Board, this goal is very attainable.  I invite you to look at IMPUMELELO regularly, and offer suggestions for articles and features to the journal.  My e-mail address is below, and I welcome your input and contribution.

Second, I want to feature special issues on selected topics.  There is one in the planning stages for 2009, and I am hopeful of others.  Given the focus on the World Cup and Africa in 2010, perhaps additional topics will emerge.

Third, I want to add new features and expand the interactive possibilities of the journal.  We will be adding a section on Profiles in the near future, as well as one on Interviews.  These will focus on prominent individuals in African sport, whether academic, practitioner, or sportsperson.  The two sections may be combined, but that may not be done in all cases.  In addition, my goal is to add online collaborative features, as well as multimedia elements, such as a video profile and/or interview.  I am sure that other possibilities will emerge as the evolution of IMPUMELELO occurs, and I invite your suggestions.

Fourth, I would implement a wider range of topics to be covered by the journal.  These might include an issue on field research questions and problems, perhaps as a special issue.  Or it could include an issue on experiences and/or projects; this could be combined with a discussion of a specific organization.  These would widen the possible audience for the journal, as well as the topics. In addition, a book review section is coming.  Finally, as a part of the broadening, I want to encourage and incorporate more contributors from Africa.  The journal will benefit from their participation and perspective.

There is a cost factor to consider in these changes, whether it is time or some other expense.  Nonetheless, I am confident the effort can work.  With persistence, these changes, and others, will unfold and contribute to making the journal a major participant to the expanding interest in African sport and development.  I think the journal will have an exciting future.

Bob J. Walter
General Editor


Editor's Note
Bob Walter


The Other Algeria: Zidane, World Cup Soccer, Globalization, and the Media
David Winterstein

The Paradox of Gender and Sport Development: The Case of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan
David Bogopa




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