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Editor's Note
Bob Walter

Studying South African Sports History: A Current Perspective
Dean Allen

Ethnicity, Conflict and Peace-building: Effects of European Football Support in Nigeria
Henry Olusegun Majaro-Majesty

In Tribute to Manute Bol for his Humanitarian Commitment to Sudan
Jennifer McArdle

FIFA World Cup 2010

Limited success of African football at Africa’s World Cup
Gerard Akindes

Perspectives on the World Cup Tournament in South Africa
David Bogopa

Ayoba!: Reflections From South Africa’s World Cup
Derek Charles Catsam

Overheard: A World Cup of Voices
Andrew Guest

Reflections on the African World Cup: ‘make the circle bigger
Siphokazi Magadla

Reflections from an American transplant in South Africa
Kristen Rankin

Baldness is not Ayoba nor Ke Nako – Reflections from a Rural Fan Park
Hendrik Snyders

World Cup Dreams
Jerome Teelucksingh



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