Kwabena Owusu-Kwarteng
Ohio University  

Paths to Success; Evaluations in Sports in for Development

Sports have recently become one of the tools through which development organizations use to achieve their stated developmental goals.  There is the FIFA for Hope program that operates worldwide, The Mathare Youth Sports Association and SCORE in Kenya, Magic Bus in India, The YES network, Mondessa Youth Organization in Namibia, and various other organizations who are using sports as a tool to reach developmental goals globally. Like any endeavor, the ability to measure the outcomes of these projects is necessary to ascertain their efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes of their stated goals.   This is a case study that applies the Sport Development Impact Assessment Tool (S∙DIAT) monitoring and evaluation framework to practices of Play Soccer Non-profit International (PSNI) in a hypothetical scenario.
   First, the case study traces the evolution of sports in development within development theory and practice. Within the case study, I highlight the difficulty faced by SiD organizations in conducting effective monitoring and evaluations of their stated goals.  I then briefly introduce the S∙DIAT evaluation framework proposed by Cora Burnet and Wim Hollander of the Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg, South Africa. This framework is used as the benchmark for the practices of PSNI in the case study. This means that, S∙DIAT’s fundamental assumptions to monitoring and evaluation are applied to the current practices for Play Soccer Non Profit International (PSNI) across three of its country programs; Senegal Cameroun and Zambia. I then conclude by addressing the strengths and weakness of PSNI through my findings.

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Sunday Oloruntolo
Kwabena Owusu-Kwarteng
Martin Sango Ndeh
Karin ter-Horst
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