Martha Saavedra
University of Califonia Berkeley

Martha Saavedra - University of California, Berkeley
Communication, Media and Sport in Africa
February 22-23, 2008
Ohio University, Athens Ohio

Martha SaavedraSince 1993, Martha Saavedra has been the Associate Director of the Center for African Studies (, at the University of California, Berkeley. With a doctorate in Political Science from Berkeley, her research has included agrarian politics and ethnic conflict in Sudan, and gender and sports in Senegal, Kenya and elsewhere in Africa. She has taught at St. Mary’s College of California, UC Berkeley and Ohio University. Her publications include articles and chapters on various aspects of gender and sport, and ethnic politics in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. With Michael Kevane of Santa Clara University, she is co-coordinating, a web portal providing teaching and research resources. She also is researching and writing on the question of sport and development in Africa. She is on the editorial boards of Soccer and Society; Sport in Society; and The Interdisciplinary Journal of Sports in Africa. A veteran of Title IX battles, she has played soccer for 30 years and is now coaching her sons.

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Interview: Christine Potts - Alison Reis - Bose Maposa

Camera: Ken Dobo - Andrews Oforie-Birikirang- Ebenezer Malcam

Video Editing: Ken Dobo

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