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Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

The undergraduate program in Bachelor of Arts Social Work prepares students for beginning social work practice at the undergraduate level. Students will complete course work in human behavior and the social environment, social welfare history, and policy, research, social work practice methods, and field instruction. The BASW requires the same classes as the BSW in addition to 2 years of a foreign language.

Requirements for Graduation

  • Minimum of 120 semester hours
  • 60 hours of Arts and Sciences course work at 2000 level or higher
  • The equivalent of two years of college-level foreign language
  • 33 total hours and at least 9 hours each of humanities, social sciences, and natural  sciences
  • General education requirements – Tier I, II, III
  • All requirements stipulated by the program

Program Requirements

Admission to the major is divided into two stages: pre-major and major. First year students are admitted as pre-majors. To be considered for admission to the major, students are required to have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.  In addition they must have completed the following:

  • SW 1000 and SW 2601 with a minimum grade of “C” in both courses.
  • Bios 1030, Psy 1010, Psy 2110, and Psy 2410 or EDEC 1600, as well as one course in any of the two following  areas: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science or Sociology
  • ENG 1510 and Math Tier I (Math 1200 recommended)
  • A paid or volunteer experience in the area of social work ( 20 hrs)



For more information contact:

Glenn J Abraham, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Social Work


Undergraduate Catalog


Suggested Courses by Year:


1st year:

SW 1000: Intro to Social Work (3 hrs)   
ENG 1510: Writing and Rhetoric I (3 hrs)
Math 1200: College Algebra (4 hrs)
Bios 1030: Human Biology (3 hrs)
PSY 1010: General Psychology (3 hrs)
**** Political Science course
**** Anthropology course
Natural Science course (approved)
Humanities Course (approved)
Foreign Language


2nd year:

SW 2601: Social Welfare Overview and Trends (3 hrs)
PSY 2110: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (4 hrs)
PSY 2410: Child & Adolescent Psychology (3 hrs) OR 

EDEC 1600 Introduction to Child Development (3 hrs)
**** Economics course
**** Sociology course
Tier II Humanities (2HL)
Tier II Natural Science (2NS)
Social Science (approved)
Humanities (approved)
Foreign Language
3rd year:

SW 3602: Social Welfare Policy (3 hrs)
SW 3701: Dynamics of Human Behavior (3 hrs)
SW 3801: Intro to Social Work Practice Methods (3 hrs)
SW 3940: Research Methods in Social Work (3 hrs)
ENG ****J Junior Composition course
PSY **** course
Natural Science (approved)
Foreign Language


4th year:
SW 4801: Social Work Practice I (3 hrs)
SW 4802: Social Work Practice II (3 hrs)
SW 4921: Field Seminar I (2 hrs)
SW 4922: Field Seminar II (2 hrs)
SW 4923: Field Practicum I (6 hrs)
SW 4924: Field Practicum II (6 hrs)
PSY 2710: Abnormal Psychology (3 hrs)
Foreign Language