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Ohio University Leadership Project

What is OULP?

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Ohio University Leadership Project (OULP) has as its purpose as the identification, development, and implementation of needed professional programs for current and aspiring school administrators.

The OULP represents an initiative directed at the professional development of school leaders. It was initiated in 1994 and has grown significantly both in its program offerings and in its number of participants.

This OULP cohort involves a group of elementary administrators who meet on a regular basis to listen to and engage in discussions with experts regarding selected topics that are relevant and timely to the operation of their schools.


OULP photos/documents from previous seminars (January 2018 to present)

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A Message From the Director

Dear friends,

Linda Fife

Thank you for your interest in the Ohio University Leadership Project (OULP). The OULP is committed to the professional growth of school leaders. To this end the OULP conducts seminars on timely and relevant topics. At the foundation of the OULP, are its elementary principal, secondary principal, superintendent, and treasurer cohorts. They meet on an ongoing basis.

Requests for participation in existing programs and for the development of new programs are welcomed. I can be reached at and at
740.707.7790. Communications can also be made with the OULP's administrative assistant, Robin Boyd. Robin can be reached at and at 740.533.4579.

Linda Fife, Director

Ohio University Leadership Project



For more information contact:

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Linda Fife

Director of OULP



Robin Boyd

Administrative Assistant, OULP