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Medical Assistance Technology (A.A.S.)

Medical Assistance Technology


The Medical Assisting Technology Program (MAT) teaches procedures that health care professionals require of medical assistants. Upon graduation, graduates may sit for the CMA (AAMA) exam. MAT students will become competent in cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) domains that will make them a valued part of a health care team. A 210 hour supervised practicum is included in the program.
Some of these duties include:
• Using computer applications
• Coding and insurance claims submission
• Electronic health records management
• Following HIPAA standards
• Medication administration
• Drawing blood
• Performing Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waived tests
• Height/Weight/BMI
• Pediatric length and head circumference
• Removal of sutures
• Electrocardiograms
• Preparing patients for X-rays and imaging

Selection for MAT Program

Each MAT course requires a grade of C (2.0) or better. Students must also have declared Medical Assisting Technology as their major before enrolling in MAT 2010.  


Fall Semester
MAT 1010 Intro to Medical Assisting     3hrs
MAT 1400 Medical Terminology Med Asst     3hrs
MAT 1210 Electronic Medical Assisting Technologies  4 hrs
BIOS 1200-Human Structure and Function for Allied Health OR BIOS 1030 Human Biology**
ENG 1510 Writing and Rhetoric I     3hrs

Spring Semester
MAT 1700* Administrative Techniques I     4hrs
MAT 2010* Clinical Techniques I     4hrs
MATH 1200** College Algebra (or Tier I)     4hrs
CTCH 1250 Intro to Computers     3hrs
BIOS 1300 Anatomy and Physiology I**     4hrs



Fall Semester
MAT 2020* Clinical Techniques II     4hrs
MAT 2300* Administrative Techniques II     4hrs
MAT 2100* Law & Ethics MA     3hrs
NUTR 1000 Intro to Nutrition or BIOS 1310 Anatomy & Physiology II**    3 (or 4) hrs
COMS 1030 Public Speaking     3hrs

TOTAL 17 (or 18)
Spring Semester
MAT 2000* Pharmacology and Diseases 3hrs
MAT 2920* Practicum 3hrs
PSY 1010 General Psychology 3hrs
HLTH 2170 Hlth Syst Org. Fin and Deliver 3hrs
* designates that the course is only offered semester listed
** One of two BIOS paths can be taken. Students can either complete BIOS 1200 Human Structure and Function for Allied Health along with NUTR 1000 Intro to Nutrition OR BIOS 1030 Human Biology, BIOS 1300 Anatomy & Physiology I, and BIOS 1310 Human Biology II.
For more information:
Cynthia Boles, CMA
MAT Program Director