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Haugen Named 2020 Outstanding Faculty for OHIO Regional Higher Education

A professor of English at Ohio University Southern has been named Outstanding Faculty for OHIO Regional Higher Education. Hayley Mitchell Haugen, Ph.D., was selected for the honor for her accomplishments in teaching innovations, mentorship, scholarship, and service to the University and the community.

In announcing the award, Nicole Pennington, Executive Dean for OHIO Regional Higher Education and Dean for OHIO Southern, said the award committee selected Haugen for the honor from a field of outstanding nominees from the University’s five regional campuses. “Dr. Haugen represents Ohio University in the brightest of ways and I am proud of her many accomplishments,” Pennington said.

                Haugen’s achievements in teaching innovation included work with an independent study student to produce the campus literary journal, Envoi, and other relevant activities.  Her work in mentorship has included accompanying as many as ten students annually to attend the Athens Spring Literary Festival and advising student editors in publication of the literary journal. Haugen is a poet with one chapbook and one full-length poetry collection to her credit, as well as several peer reviewed book chapters. Haugen’s contributions to the profession of writing span poetry performances in Ohio and West Virginia since 2016, work as founder and Editor-in-Chief of the poetry journal, Sheila-Na-Gig online, and Sheila-Na-Gig Editions, publishing twelve issues off the journal and six books by nationally known poets.

Dr. Hayley Haugen

                The service Haugen provided to the University and the community involves roles as campus Academic Division Coordinator, Division Liaison of English, and coordination of writing tutoring for OHIO Southern’s Student Success Center, and other relevant committees and student programs. She has also served as a committee chair with the Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference (MPCAAC) and as a juror with the Women of Appalachia Project.

                The award was announced during the COVID-19 pandemic after the University transitioned to remote learning Haugen said the accolade helped bring clarity during a time of much change and uncertainty. “This meaningful award couldn’t have come at a better time,” Haugen said. “I am honored and thankful for this recognition from my peers.”

                Haugen was also promoted to Professor of Instruction this Spring.