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to your first year experience at Ohio University Southern.
The first year of college is an exciting time: a time of growth, exploration, challenge, and change. Ohio University Southern is committed to providing an outstanding first year experience for our students. Opportunities available to our first year students include the following:


Kim Keffer
Professor of Instruction



Academic opportunities for first year students include courses with a focus on increasing academic success. Specific courses will focus on academic planning, motivation, test taking, time management, study skills, leadership skills, utilizing computer resources, and other topics of interest to first year students.

UC 1000 University Experience

UC 1000 Mastering the University Experience
UC 1000 class is a great introduction to the university learning environment! UC 1000 is a two-credit-hour first-year student orientation course specifically designed for students who have not yet declared a major. The purpose of UC 1000 is to assist new students in making a successful transition to Ohio University, both academically and personally. By focusing on academic planning, critical thinking, and specific success skills, UC 1000 increases students’ success in college and beyond. This class is required for all first year students who have not yet declared a major.

UC 1160 Academic Computing

UC 1060 introduces students to on-line resources at Ohio University, including Blackboard, e-mail, online catalog, e-mail, financial aid and scholarship sites, and various academic websites. This course is required for all first year students.

UC 1100 Learning Strategies

UC 1100 is an excellent course for students who want to learn techniques that will increase their skills in time management, taking notes, study skills and preparing for and taking exams. 

UC 1101 Time Management and Test Taking Skills

UC 1101 provides students with strategies for managing time and preparing for and taking tests.

UC 1102 Note Taking from Lectures and Textbooks

UC 1102 focuses on strategies to improve students’ ability to select important information in lectures, discussions and textbooks, organize it in note form and effectively review it. 

UC 1900 Learning Community Seminar

UC 1900 is one of two courses offered in each Learning Community. Through the use of readings, discussions, guest speakers, activities and independent projects, students in the seminar course will develop understanding and skills related to the theme of their specific Learning Community.  

UC D998 College Reading skills

UC D998 assists students in developing active reading and student techniques such as summarizing main ideas, adjusting reading rate, and critical thinking skills. This course is recommended for new students with <20 on the ACT Reading section.

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For more information concerning Learning Communities at Ohio University Southern contact Dr. Keffer at:

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The university experience isn't only about academics; it's also about getting involved, building friendships, and being engaged in campus life. Mixers, concerts, trips to Athens for football and basketball games, and cultural and social events are just a few of the special events planned for first year students. Check the First Year Student website often for updated information.  

Ohio University Southern Calendar

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1. Academic Advisors are located in the Student Center (Collins Center). Visit an academic advisor for assistance with registration, financial aid, questions about policy, or for general information or assistance with any academic topic.

2. Academic Success Workshops will occur throughout the semester. Sessions will be advertised on the First Year Experience Bulletin Board.

3. Computer Labs are located in the Academic Center, the Dingus Center, the Riffe Center, and the Proctorville Center.

4. The Faculty Office is located on the first floor of the Dingus Technology Center. This office serves as the information center for faculty, including housing faculty mailboxes.

5. The Career Resource and Assessment Center is located on the second floor of the Collins Center. Visit the center to request academic assistance, career research information, disability services or to apply to serve as a tutor.

6. The Library is located on the second floor of the Collins Center.

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1. When should I see an advisor?
Schedule an advisor appointment any time you have a question concerning your academic progress, financial aid, completion of required forms, or a general question about university policies and procedure. You should see an advisor at least once each quarter to confirm that course selections fit your selected major.

2. What if I haven't decided on a major?
There are several steps that may assist in you in deciding a major: arrange a job shadow, interview someone in the field, take a class in the major, register for EDCP200 (Career Exploration), and spend some time in the library researching the fields you are considering. Your academic advisor will also be able to offer some advice.

3. How should I contact an instructor?
Contact information for your instructors should be listed on your course syllabus. Instructor e-mail addresses can be accessed from the Ohio University Southern website. A third option is to contact the faculty secretary at 740-533-4540 and ask that a message be placed in the faculty member's mailbox.

4. What if I have trouble with a class?
The Learning Center provides assistance to students who are having difficulty in a class – including free tutoring services. The key to success is to access this resource as soon as you realize you need some assistance.

5. What is a DARS?
DARS stands for "Degree Audit Report System" and is a quarterly report outlining your academic requirements and your progress towards meeting those requirements. For help in learning to read your DARS, register for UC 1000 or attend an academic success workshop.

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Academic Advising  


Associate Dean's Office       


Computer Lab     


Dean's Office  


Faculty Coordinator


Faculty Office


Financial Aid Office (Athens)


First Year Programming


Front Desk Student Center


Learning Center    




Proctorville Center 


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For more information, please contact:
Kim Keffer
Coordinator University College & Special Projects Advisor