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Ohio University is exempt from paying Ohio sales tax. The purchaser should inform the supplier that the purchase is for Ohio University and is tax exempt. In the event the vendor requires a tax exemption certificate, one may be obtained from the Business Office or on the Tax Forms site.

Please note – we may be required to pay sales tax when purchasing items in another state.
Travelers must use Concur to complete travel reports.  View Concur travel and expense related questions here.

For more information on travel reimbursement see:   

Please note that airline tickets may only be purchased using an Ohio University p-card and not a personal credit card.

Purchasing Card Transactions

There is a $1500 limit on purchases. If your transaction is going to be more than $1500, then you need to contact Kim Addis. Some items are given a waiver, but usually capital equipment or tagged items must always be purchased with a purchase order. For more information on the do's and don'ts of the p-card, please review the policy by clicking the link above.
All p-card transactions must be reconciled in Concur. P-card holders must complete online training and then contact Kim Addis in order to receive access. All invoices and statements must be kept on file with the card holder for auditing purposes.

Ohio University's tax exempt number is on your p-card.