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Online Tutoring

MATH D005 and MATH 1200 · Matthew Lewis, ml206019@ohio.edu , M/W 11:00am – 2:00pm & T/TH 2:00pm – 4:00pm · MS Teams chat


CHEM 1210 and CHEM 1510 · Ben McHenry, bm948817@ohio.edu , by appointment · MS Teams chat


MATH D005, MATH 1200, CHEM 1510, HIST 1330, BIOS 1700, ECON 1030 · Austin Meyers, jm302419@ohio.edu , by appointment · MS Teams chat


WRITING CENTER · Kylee Keaton, kk105316@ohio.edu , Monday – Wednesday by appointment · MS Teams chat


What Is Tutoring?

Tutoring is one person helping another person develop the skills necessary to become an independent learner.

Why Should I Get A Tutor?

Tutoring can provide you with an opportunity to gain a more individualized learning experience. Working with a peer tutor can help you improve your academic performance within a subject area, and learn valuable study skills that can help you in all of your classes.

What Are My Tutoring Options?

Student and peer tutors work with students individually or in small groups. All Ohio University Southern students are eligible for up to two hours of tutoring per week, at no cost.

Who Are The Ohio University Southern Tutors?

OUS tutors are students that have achieved a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, and have earned at least a “B” in the subjects they are tutoring. Tutors receive training and have the primary goal of helping students achieve academic independence.

For Which Classes Are Tutors Available?

The majority of tutoring is provided for 1000 and 2000 level courses. Upper level students can usually make arrangements with their instructors for the help they need.

Tutor availability is not guaranteed for any class, however every effort will be made to ensure that a student is paired with a tutor upon request.

How Do I Request A Tutor?

To request a tutor, come to The Student Resource Commons (or the main office at the Proctorville Center) and complete a Tutor Request Form.


For more information contact:

Suzi Bloomfield
Student Resource Commons