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Associate of Applied Business - Computer Technology

Computer Technology

The Computer Technology program emphasizes the computing and problem solving skills used by successful computer professionals. In addition to studying current technologies, students develop the ability to learn new technologies, complete projects, work in teams, and other skills valued in an ever-changing workplace. Students take courses in networking, programming, and database and website management to develop a broad set of skills in the profession. In addition, the student will focus on one or more of these areas by choosing technical electives that best suit his or her career goals.

In order to support a comprehensive understanding of the technology, the curriculum includes laboratory courses which provide hands-on experiences in identifying and maintaining the component parts of computing equipment and the processes and procedures for connecting networks using routers and related equipment.

Career Opportunities

Graduates find employment as help desk technicians, entry level programmers, web site developers, and network technicians. Help desk technicians provide office or phone-based technical support in office application software, operating systems, and may assist with routine computer-related maintenance functions on hardware and peripheral devices such as printers. Programmers and web site developers may work in their own business but are often employed by a company or organization to maintain and support a variety of administrative needs. Network technicians are knowledgeable of local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN) and servers needed to support a system of office and corporate computing connectivity. Each of these areas experienced an increase in the number of job openings in recent years.


For more information contact:

Michael Kelley, M.Ed.
System Coordinator/Campus Coordinator, Computer Technology Program


Undergraduate Catalog

Program Learning Outcomes for Associate of Applied Business Computer Technology


General Education Requirements:

ATCH 1030: Financial Accounting Procedures I (3 hrs)
ATCH 1040: Financial Accounting Procedures II (3 hrs)
COMS 1030: Public Speaking (3 hrs)
CTCH 1250: Introduction to Computers (3 hrs)
ECON 1000: Survey of Economics (alternative course available) (3 hrs)
ENG 1510: Writing & Rhetoric (3 hrs)
MATH 1200: Quantitative Reasoning (4 hrs)
MATH 2500: Introduction to Statistics (4 hrs) (alternative courses available)
3 additional hours from Humanities or Natural Sciences


Core Technical Requirements:

CTCH 1270: Introduction to Website Management (3 hrs)
CTCH 1330: Intro to Computer Programming (3 hrs)
CTCH 2140: Computer System Maintenance (3 hrs)
CTCH 2500: System Analysis (3 hrs)
CTCH 2850: Database Management Systems (3 hrs)
CTCH 1600: Network Concepts I (3 hrs)

Electives in the Major

Complete 15 credit hours (approximately 5 courses) from a wide variety of courses identified as electives in the major, including but not limited to:


EM 2120 - Introduction to Multimedia Production (3 hrs)
EM 2150 - Introduction to Website Design (3 hrs)
EM 2180 - Introduction to Digital Media (3 hrs)
CTCH 1610 - Network Concepts II (3 hrs)
CTCH 1620 - Network Systems I (3 hrs)
CTCH 2330 - Survey of Emerging Languages (3 hrs)
CTCH 2400 - C++ Programming (3 hrs)
CTCH 2410 - Visual BASIC Programming (3 hrs)
CTCH 2420 - Java Programming (3 hrs)
CTCH 2430 - C Programming (3 hrs)
CTCH 2640 - Computer and Network Security (3 hrs)
CTCH 2650 - Network Design and Implementation (3 hrs)
CTCH 2660 - Wireless Systems (3 hrs)
CTCH 2670 – Introduction to Cloud Computing (3 hrs)
CTCH 2700 - Network Management and Administration (3 hrs)
CTCH 2800 - Operating Systems (3 hrs)
CTCH 2801 - Creating eBooks (1 hrs)
CTCH 2802 - Introduction to Google Docs (1 hrs)
CTCH 2803 - Safe Facebooking Credit Hours: 1
CTCH 2804 - Photoshop: Basic Correction Techniques (1 hrs)
CTCH 2805 - Photoshop Artistic Enhancements (1 hrs)
CTCH 2860 - Database Application Development (3 hrs)
CTCH 2870 - Database Administration (3 hrs)
CTCH 2900 - Special Topics Credit Hours: (1-8 hrs)