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Emergency Operation Plan

Ohio University Southern


The complete Ohio University Southern Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) can be downloaded from above as a PDF.

Ironton, Proctorville Center, Ohio Horse Park, and Child Development Center
Lawrence County and Scioto County, Ohio



The mission of this plan is to emphasize advance preparation and teamwork by internal and external stakeholders, establish and maintain effective communication channels, and adopt an environment of continuous improvement while providing leadership in preparing and responding to all emergency incidents.


The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) provides general guidance, organizational structure, and specific direction on preparedness, response, and communication disciplines. It is critical that we are prepared for “unexpected” events to protect the OHIO community and the local community surrounding our campus. The EOP outlines University procedures for managing major emergencies that may threaten the health and safety of the campus community. Ohio University policy #44.100, Critical Incidents, provides the Ohio University policy authority for this plan.

The plan identifies departments and individuals that are directly responsible and accountable for emergency response and critical support services. It also provides a structure for coordinating and deploying essential resources.

Planning ahead for emergencies is part of normal business planning and campus life. All members of the campus community share a responsibility for preparedness. An emergency can strike anytime, anywhere and disaster will affect everyone.

Therefore, we must maintain a comprehensive emergency preparedness safety program to mitigate potential hazards and to familiarize students, faculty, and staff with emergency procedures (See Appendix A, Emergency Procedures Guidelines in the EOP).

Furthermore, all faculty, staff, and students should be knowledgeable of the emergency notification system, OHIO Alert! (See Appendix B, OHIO Alert! Guidelines in the EOP).


This is an “all-hazards” plan. It identifies responsible individuals, and guides response and recovery actions. The EOP is designed for only Ohio University Southern (OUS), also known as “the Campus”, at its sites indicated herein. It applies to a broad range of emergency incidents and may be activated during the following situations:
  • Active Shooter or Armed Intruder
  • Bomb Threats
  • Civil Disturbances
  • Epidemic/Illnesses
  • Extended Power Outages
  • Fire and/or Explosions
  • Hazardous Materials Incidents (chemical, biological, or radioactive)
  • Mass Casualty Incidents
  • Natural Disasters (floods, tornados, ice storms, or blizzards)
  • Terrorism

The EOP may also be utilized during major emergencies that occur adjacent to campus but that do not directly impact our physical facilities. During this scenario, the campus would coordinate emergency information and provide support services as requested and as available.
Ohio University recognizes that a major emergency in the community that affects our students, faculty, and staff is a University emergency. This campus will coordinate its efforts and resources with the local communities and responding agencies.