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Bachelor of Science in Education - Middle Childhood Education

Middle Childhood


Middle Childhood Education

Middle Childhood Education (MCE) prepares students for licensure to teach grades 4 - 9 in elementary school upper primary grades, middle school, junior high school, or high schools (9th grade only). All Middle Childhood Education licensure programs require students to choose two subject content specializations. The four-subject content specializations include: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.


Admission Criteria

Admission to Teacher Candidacy (required before taking any 2000 level Education course):

  • Students must successfully complete 30 semester hours with a 3.00 GPA or higher.
  • Completion of the following courses with a grade of 'C' or better
    • TIER I Math
    • ENG 1510, English Composition
    • PSY 1010, Intro to Psychology
    • EDTE 1500, Intro to Teacher Education
  • Satisfactory performance on the PRAXIS CORE (Academic Skills for Educators) Test, scores of 156 above in reading, 150 or above in Math and 162 or above in writing OR be exempt from the test because of a composite score of 21 or higher on the ACT or 990 SAT
  • Submission of a FBI/BCI Check
  • Submission of the results of a TB test (available at the Health Department).

Admission to Advanced Standing in Teacher Candidacy:

  • Complete EDTE 2000, 2010, and 2020 with a grade of 'C' or above
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.75 or higher in at least 60 semester hours
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75 or higher in each area of concentration

Admissions to Professional Internship:

  • Completion of all required EDTE, EDMC, and EDCS coursework with a grade of 'C' or better.
  • Completion of minimum 75% of the required coursework in both areas of concentration.
  • Minimum 2.75 overall GPA AND a minimum 2.75 in both areas of concentration.

FBI/BCI and TB tests must remain current anytime students are going to classrooms.

For more information:
Martha Evans, Ph.D.
Middle Childhood Education




Undergraduate Catalog


General Education
All Middle Childhood Education students must complete the Freshman English and Quantitative skills requirement (See University catalog).


1st Year-Suggested courses
ENG 1510: Freshman Composition (3 hrs)
MATH (TIER I) (4 hrs)
PSY 1010: Intro to Psychology (3 hrs)
EDTE 1500: Intro to Teacher Education (3 hrs)
Coursework in area of Concentration * 18 hrs
Total Academic Year Hours: 31 hrs


2nd Year-Suggested courses
EDTE 2000: Learning & Human Development (3 hrs)
EDTE 2010: Char of Learners w/ Exceptionalities (3 hrs)
EDTE 2020: Field Experience in Education (1 hr)
EDTE 2200: Phonics and Structure of Language (3 hrs)
EDCT 2030: Technological Appl in Education (3 hrs)
EDCS 3010: Education & Cultural Diversity (3 hrs)
Coursework in area of concentration* 15 hrs
Total Academic Year Hours: 30 hrs


3rd Year-Suggested courses
EDMC 3000:Intro to Middle childhood Educ (3 hrs)
EDMC 3010: Curr Dev in Middle Childhood (3 hrs)
EDTE 3250: Kit-Centered Dev Reading Instruct (3 hrs)
EDTE 3720: Instr Adpt Mid Child Learners (3 hrs)
EDTE 4210: Foundations of Reading Instruction (3 hrs)
ENG **** J Junior Composition (3 hrs)
Coursework in area of concentration* 12 hrs
Total Academic Year Hours: 30 hrs


4th Year-Suggested courses
EDTE 4200: Teach Read in Content Areas (3 hrs)
EDPL 4610: Prof Internship in Mid- Childhood* (6 hrs)
EDPL 4620: Prof Internship in Mid- Childhood* (6 hrs)
EDPL 4650: Prof Internship Seminar* (3 hrs)
Coursework in area of concentration* 12 hrs
Total Academic Year Hours: 30 hrs


* Students must select two of the following areas for their concentration.
Please note that certain classes require prerequisites.


Social Studies
HIST 1320: Intro World History before 1750 (3 hrs)
HIST 1330: Intro to World History since 1750 (3 hrs)
HIST 2000: US History, 160-1877 (3 hrs)
HIST 2010: US History, 1865- Present (3 hrs)
POLS 1010: Politics in the United States (3 hrs)
SOC 1000: Intro to Sociology (3 hrs)
ECON 1000: Intro to Economic Concepts (3 hrs)
GEOG 1200 or GEOG 1400 (3 hrs)
EDMC 3500: Teaching Mid-Child Social Studies (3 hrs)
EDMC 3500L: Teaching Mid-Child Soc Studies (1 hr)



MATH 1101: Elementary Topics in Math (3 hrs)
MATH 2110: Intro to Geometry for Mid-School (3 hrs)
MATH 2301: Calculus I (4 hrs)
MATH 2500: Intro to Statistics (4 hrs)
MATH 3000: History of Mathematics (3 hrs)
MATH 3050: Discrete Mathematics (3 hrs)
MATH 3070: Intro to Number Theory (3 hrs)
EDMC 3300: Teaching Mid- Childhood Math (3 hrs)
EDMC 3300L: Teaching Mid- Childhood Math (1 hr)


CHEM 1210: Prin of Chemistry I (4 hrs)
PHIL 2160: Philosophy of Science Survey (3 hrs)
PHYS 2001: Intro to Physics (4 hrs)
PBIO 1030: Plants & People (3 hrs)
ASTR 1000: Survey of Astronomy (3 hrs) OR

ASTR 1001: Moons and Planets-The Solar System OR

PSC 1000: Survey of Astronomy (3 hrs)
BIOS 1700/1705: Biological Sciences I-Molucules and Cells/Lab (4 hrs) OR

PBIO 1140: Foundations of Plant Biology (4 hrs)
GEOG 1400: Environmental Geography (3 hrs) OR

GEOL 2150: Environmental Geology (3 hrs) OR

GEOL 2210: Earth and Life History (3 hrs)
EDMC 3400: Teaching Mid- Child Science (3 hrs)
EDMC 3400L: Teaching Mid-Child Science (1 hr)


Language Arts
ENG 2010: Critical Analysis of Fiction (3 hrs) OR
ENG 2020: Critical Analysis of Poetry & Drama (3 hrs)

ENG 3210: American Literature to 1865 OR

ENG 3230: American Literature, 1918-Present (3 hrs)

ENG 3500: Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage (3 hrs) OR 

ENG 3510: The History of the English Language (3 hrs)

ENG 3250: Women and Literature (3 hrs) OR

ENG 3390: African American Literature from 1930-Present (3 hrs)

ENG 2800: Expository Writing and the Research Paper (3 hrs) OR

ENG 3610: Creative Writing-Fiction OR

ENG 3620: Creative Writing-Poetry (3 hrs)

COMS 4100: Cross-Cultural Communication (3 hrs) OR

THAR 1130: Acting Fundamentals I (3 hrs)
ENG 3550: Studies in World Literature (3 hrs) OR

ENG 4660: Topics in English Studies (3 hrs)
EDMC 3100: Teaching Mid-Child Language Arts (3 hrs)
EDMC 3100L: Teaching Mid-Child Language Arts (1 hr)
EDMC 3210: Children's Lit for Mid-Childhood (3 hrs)