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Bachelor of Science in Education - Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood (B.S.Ed.)


The Early Childhood major prepares students to teach children three years old through third grade. In addition to being qualified to teach in primary grades, students will be prepared to teach in pre-primary programs, such as public school preschools, private pre-kindergarten schools, childcare centers and Head Start Programs.

The Department of Teacher Education provides a wide range of programs to support the interests of prospective and practicing P-12 teachers at the undergraduate level. The department offers the opportunity for students admitted to professional education to pursue undergraduate courses leading to teach licensure in the state of Ohio.

Teacher Candidacy

Ohio University students who are interested in pursuing the B.S.Ed. in ECE, enter their program-of-study as non-degree students.  Upon meeting criteria for teacher candidacy into the ECE program, successful ECE teacher candidates begin their professional sequence of courses.  The requirements include the following:

  • 30 semester hours which include but are not limited to:
    • ENG 1510, MATH 1101, EDEC 1001, EDEC 1600, One Science with lab, HIST 2010 or POLS 1010
    • A minimum of "C" or better in all of the above six courses
  • A minimum of overall GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • A minimum score of 21 on ACT; or 990 on SAT; or Satisfactory score on the PRAXIS I (PPST/CBT) Test. You must achieve scores of 172 or above in writing and mathematics and 173 or above in reading OR be exempt from the test due to a standardized test score. You must have a composite score of 21 or better on the ACT and/or 990 or better on the SAT to be exempt. Students cannot enroll in education courses until this requirement is met.
  • Submission of a statement confirming that your record is clear of any felony convictions, obtained from your academic advisor.
  • Submission of results of the tuberculosis skin test.

ECE Selective Admissions Application for Southern

ECE Essay Template

For more information contact:

Martha Evans
Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education

Undergraduate Catalog

General Education:

All Early Childhood Education students must complete the Freshman English and Quantitative skills requirement. (See University catalog)


ENG 1510:Freshman Composition (3 hrs)
Tier II Natural Science (2NS) (3-4 hrs)
MATH 1101: Elem Top in Math I (3 hrs)
EDEC 1600: Intro to Child Development (3 hrs)
EDEC 1001: Intro to Early Child (2 hrs)
Total Semester Hours: 15 hrs


MATH 1102: Elem Top in Math II (3 hrs)
HIST 2010: US History 1865-Present (3 hrs)
TIER II Natural Science (2HL) (3-4 hrs)
TIER II Humanities (2HL) (3 hrs)
TIER II Fine Arts (2FA) (3 hrs)
Total Semester Hours: 15 hrs


EDTE 2000: Learning & Human Dev (3 hrs)
EDTE 2010: Char of Learners w/Exc (3 hrs)
EDTE 2020: Field Experience (1 hr)
EDTE 2200: Phonics (3 hrs)
EDEC 2400: Infant & Toddler Edu (3 hrs)
TIER II Cross Cultural (2CP) (3 hrs)
EDEC 2001-Soph Clinical I (1 hr)
Total Semester Hours: 17 hrs


EDEC 2100: Children's Literature (2 hrs)
EDEC 2301: Emergent Math & Sc. (2 hrs)
EDEC 2500: Emergent Lit (3 hrs)
EDEC 3610: Guidance and Classroom Management (3 hrs)
EDEC 3801: Play and Creativity (3 hrs)
EDEC 3701: Diversity (2 hrs)
EDEC 2001: Sophomore Clinical (1 hr)
Total Semester Hours: 16 hrs


EDEC 3002: Junior CF I (1 hr)
EDEC 310: Reading Methods (3 hrs)
EDEC 3500: Social Studies Methods (3 hrs)
EDTE 3710: Instr Adaptations (3 hrs)
EDCT 2030: Tech Appl in Education (3 hrs)
TIER II Applied Science & Math (2AS) (3 hrs)
Total Semester Hours: 16 hrs


EDEC 3003: Junior CF II (1 hr)
EDEC 3120: Observ Reading (3 hrs)
EDEC 3300: Math Methods (3 hrs)
EDEC 3400: Science Methods (3 hrs)
EDEC 4300: Auth Assessment (3 hrs)
EDEC 4500: Prin & Prac Curriculum (3 hrs)
Total Semester Hours: 16 hrs


EDPL 4910: Pre-primary Intern (6 hrs)
EDPL 4670: Intern Seminar (2 hrs)
EDEC 4100: Fam, School, & Comm (3 hrs)
EDEC 4200: Phil & Theor Child Dev (3 hrs)
Total Semester Hours: 14 hrs


*EDPL 4580: Intern Early Child (6 hrs)
*EDPL 4590: Prof Intern EC (6 hrs)
*EDPL 4650: Seminar (3 hrs)
Total Semester Hours: 15 hrs


*Students must pay Athens fees.