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Associate in Law Enforcement Technology

Law Enforcement Technology

Law Enforcement Technology (LET) is designed for in-service law enforcement personnel and those seeking a career in law enforcement. The program provides professional training and credit which may be applied toward a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at Ohio University. This program prepares students for employment in law enforcement by providing academic preparation for the contemporary officer.


The Associate in Applied Science in Law Enforcement Technology degree program offers students a broad academic background in the traditional liberal arts area supplemented with technical training. Career opportunities for graduates may be available in areas such as state highway patrol, local, and county law enforcement agencies, corrections, juvenile authorities, and probation officers.


For more information contact:
James P Stephens
Coordinator/Lecturer, Law Enforcement Technology


Undergraduate Catalog

Program Learning Outcomes for Associate of Applied Science Law Enforcement Technology


Minimum Hours Required: 60


Non-Major Requirements

Complete two hours from the following courses:

LET 2901: Unarmed Self-Defense (1-3 hrs)

PED 1213: Fundamentals of Karate (1 hr)

PED 1214: Fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do (1 hr)

PED 1215: Fundamentals of Judo (1 hr)


Complete one of the following courses:

COMS 1030: Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3 hrs)

COMS 1100: Communication Among Cultures (3 hrs)


Complete the following Tier I freshman composition course: 

ENG 1510: Writing and Rhetoric I (3 hrs)


Complete at least three hours in a Tier I quantitative skills course. 

MATH 1200 is recommended for BCJ students.


Complete six hours from the following courses: 

LET 2908: Terrorism and Homeland Security (3 hrs)  

POLS 1010: Politics in the United States (3 hrs)

POLS 1500: Themes in Global Politics (3 hrs)  

POLS 3200: Urban Politics (3 hrs)


Complete the following course: 

PSY 1010: General Psychology (3 hrs)


Complete the following courses: 

SOC 1000: Introduction to Sociology (3 hrs)  

SOC 2000: Contemporary Social Problems (3 hrs)


Complete one of the following courses: 

CTCH 1250: Introduction to Computers (3 hrs)  

OTEC 1010: Fundamentals of Information Technologies (3 hrs)


Law Enforcement Technology Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Major Core Requirements


Complete the following courses: 

LET 1000: Introduction to Law Enforcement Technology (3 hrs)  

LET 1050: Ethics and Legal Issues (3 hrs)  

LET 1100: Police Role in Crime and Delinquency (3 hrs)  

LET 1200: Constitution & Criminal Law (3 hrs)  

LET 2150: Cybernetics (3 hrs)


Complete either the Law Enforcement Management Track or the Corrections Management Track:


Law Enforcement Management Track Complete the following courses: 

LET 1450: Introduction to Criminalistics and Forensic Science (3 hrs)  

LET 2000: Procedures, Rules, and Test of Evidence (3 hrs)  

LET 2450: Law Enforcement Administration and Supervision (3 hrs)  

LET 2650: Introduction to Criminal Investigation (3 hrs)


Corrections Management Track Complete the following courses: 

LET 1350: Introduction to Corrections (3 hrs)

LET 1550: Management of a Correctional Crisis (3 hrs)

LET 2050: Introduction to Legal Issues in Corrections (3 hrs)

LET 2250: Correctional Management & Supervision (3 hrs)


Law Enforcement Technical Electives Complete 6 hours from the following courses: 

LET 1300: Interviewing and Report Writing (2 hrs)

LET 1500: Police Operations (3 hrs)

LET 1550: Correctional Crisis Management (3 hrs)

LET 2200: Court Procedures and Processes (3 hrs)

LET 2300: Police Community Relations (3 hrs)

LET 2350: Introduction to Probation and Parole (3 hrs)

LET 2500: Vice and Narcotic Control (3 hrs)

LET 2750: Law Enforcement and the Deaf (3 hrs)

LET 2800: Traffic Enforcement, Education, and Engineering (3 hrs)

LET 2850: Contemporary Issues in Corrections (3 hrs)

LET 2903: Admin. Components of Law Enforcement Technology (1-3 hrs)

LET 2904: Human Diversity and Relations in Law Enforcement (1-3 hrs)

LET 2905: Ohio Motor Vehicle Code (1-3 hrs)

LET 2906: Preliminary Aspects of Judicial Law (1-3 hrs)

LET 2907: Procedural Research (1-3 hrs)

LET 2910: Internship in Criminal Justice (1 -3 hrs)

LET 3500: Criminalistics and Investigation for Forensic Chemists (3 hrs)  

LET 3550: Criminal Justice Research Methods (3 hrs)  

LET 3555: Quantitative Applications in Criminal Justice Research (3 hrs)

LET 3600: Chemistry and the Law (3 hrs)