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Associate in Child Development

Child Development


Ohio University Southern offers a two-year program of study in child development. The program offers courses that address knowledge and skills relevant to the preschool child such as basic child development principles, knowledge of child guidance and management, curriculum for young children, and strategies of home collaboration. To graduate with the degree you must have a 2.0 GPA.



Upon completion of the associate degree in child development, many students may choose to continue their education by pursuing the bachelor's degree in early childhood education. Up to 90% of the course work for the associate degree may be applied to the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Students must have a 2.75 GPA and successfully pass the Praxis I. The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education provides a teaching license that spans Pre-K (age 3) to Grade 3. lf interested please contact your academic advisor.


Child Development graduates are prepared to work in public or private preschools and Head Start. Graduates who successfully complete the required course of study with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 and pass the required teacher licensing exam are eligible to apply for prekindergarten associate teacher license in Ohio.


For more information contact:
Linda Mann
Child Development Coordinator



Undergraduate Catalog


In addition to the major requirements you must meet university general education requirements of a minimum of 21 semester hours of Tier ll courses.


ENG 1510: Writing and Rhetoric (3 hrs)

Tier I Quantitative Skills (1M)

BIOL 1010: Principles of Biology (4 hrs)

NUTR 1000: Intro to Nutrition (3 hrs)

One course in Cross-Cultural Perspective

One course in Humanities and Literature

One course in Fine Arts

One elective of Tier ll courses or

POLS 1010: Politics in the United States (3 hrs) OR

HIST 2010: Survey of the US History, 1865-Present (3 hrs)


EDEC 1600: Intro to Child Development (3 hrs)
EDEC 1001: Intro to Early Child Education (2 hrs)
EDEC 2001: Sophomore Clinical Experience (1 hr)
EDEC 2100: Children's Literature and Story (2 hrs)
EDEC 2301: Emergent Mathematics and Science/ Birth through 5 years (2 hrs)
EDEC 2400: Infant and Toddler Education: Development, Curriculum and Program (3 hrs)
EDEC 2500: Emergent Literacy and Reading (3 hrs)

EDEC 3610: Guidance and Management (3 hrs)
EDEC 3701: Diversity in Early Childhood (2 hrs)
EDEC 3801: Play, Music and Creative Experience (3 hrs)
EDEC 4100: Family, School, and Community (3 hrs)
EDEC 3929: Practicum (6 hrs)


EDTE 2000: Learning and Human Development (3 hrs)
EDTE 2010: Characteristics of Learners with Exceptionalities (3 hrs)
EDTE 2020: Field Experience/Student Development (1 hr)