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Welcome Ohio University Southern Alumni and Friends

Ohio University Southern alumni, friends and community partners are a crucial component in fulfilling the mission of regional higher education. As an O.U. Southern alum, friend or partner, you understand the value and importance of educational access close to home, and your support makes all the difference.

OHIO Alumni Association

Ohio University alumni number nearly 200,000 strong. The number of OHIO alumni worldwide is larger than the populations of Monaco, Aruba, Guam and Samoa. (Though a few of those people may be OHIO alumni as well!) Visit to learn more

Perks of being a Bobcat

When you tell people you are a Bobcat, they can hear the pride in your voice. They might recall that your school is one of the best in the country at teaching journalism, ceramics, and visual communications. They may have heard of its high-ranking programs in the College of Business and the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. And they probably know it to be one of America's prettiest college campuses. But there are a slew of less obvious perks that you may not be aware of.

As a Bobcat, you should be receiving the monthly "OHIO Alumni" e-mail, which fills you in on the many events and important updates around OHIO’s campus. Also arriving to your inbox should be information about OU events happening in your area and "Ohio Today Online," the online equivalent of "Ohio Today" magazine.

If you'd prefer not to read them online, you can enjoy print issues of "Ohio Today" and "The [college] Gate," both of which are published twice a year.

As an OHIO graduate, you have a connection to a strong Athletics program and an impressive list of outstanding alumni. Your alumni organization works hard every day to maintain that connection. An extensive website, an active Facebook Page, near-daily Tweets, and an OHIO toolbar with built-in OU links means you've got loads of ways to remain a part of OHIO.

There are always cool programs available to Bobcats. Our program with Nationwide Insurance may save you money on auto and home insurance. OUAA also has a partnership with American Insurance Administrators in Columbus that provides the Alumni Insurance Program with options like pet, long-term care, and short-term coverage. The Ohio University Alumni Association, partnered with Herff Jones, offers a wide variety of elegant and distinguished class rings are available to any student who has graduated from OHIO and/or has completed at least 90 credit hours.

Thousands of alumni already have what we call "the best plate in the state"---Ohio's OU license plate.Ohio residents can purchase this special plate featuring an OHIO logo. Don't you want everyone on the road to know that you're a Bobcat? (If you’re not an Ohio resident, you can still purchase decals for your car to show your pride.)

If you’re interested in going farther than your car can take you, you can travel internationally through your alumni association, with trips being arranged yearly. If international travel is not for you, there are also domestic tours and weekend getaways to enjoy.

No matter how you connect with your alma mater, being an OHIO graduate is reason to be proud!