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Bachelor Longterm Healthcare


Longterm Healthcare


The Long-Term Health Care Administration program at Ohio University is accredited by the National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long-Term Care Administrators (NAB). The curriculum focuses on courses including gerontology, nursing facility and assisted-living regulations, accounting, reimbursement, marketing, health policy, law and human resource management. Students can easily complete a double major in Health Services Administration and Long-Term Care Administration.
University-wide Graduation Requirements
To complete this program, students must meet all University-wide graduation requirements.
College-Level Requirements for the College of Health Sciences and Professions
View the College-Level Requirements for the College of Health Sciences and Professions.
Opportunities Upon Graduation 
Professional licensure is required in most states to operate a nursing facility. Therefore, students should be prepared to sit for federal and state boards upon completion of the degree requirement. The Long-Term Health Care Administration option fulfills the academic preparation necessary for graduates to qualify to take the National Board through the National Association of Board Examiners of Long-Term Care Administrators. Students may decide to prepare for licensure boards in other states. Graduates of Ohio University’s Long-Term Care Administration program have historically been successful in the profession. Many are recruited by national and regional companies for administration and management positions.
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Minimum Graduation Requirements


Health Core Requirements
HLTH 2000: Introduction to Public Health (3 hrs)
HLTH 2170: Health System Organization, Financing, and Delivery (3 hrs)
HLTH 2300: Medical Terminology (3 hrs)
HLTH 3160: Human Resources Management in Health Care (3 hrs)
HLTH 4210: Health Care Finance I (3 hrs)

Professional Related Requirements
ACCT 1010: Foundations of Accounting (3 hrs)
CFS 3800: Death, Dying and Bereavement (3 hrs)
ECON 1030: Principles of Microeconomics (3 hrs)
EDCE 4100: Human Relations (2 hrs)
EH 2000: Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety (3 hrs)
HLTH 2250: Long-Term Care Administration I (3 hrs)
HLTH 2901: Health Aspects of Aging (3 hrs)
HLTH 3250: Long-Term Care Administration II (3 hrs)
HLTH 4050: Long-Term Care Administration III (3 hrs)
HLTH 4060: Alternatives to Traditional Long-Term Care (3 hrs)
MGT 2000: Introduction to Management (3 hrs)
PSY 1010: General Psychology (3 hrs)
PSY 2110: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (4 hrs)
PSY 3420: Psychology of Adulthood and Aging (3 hrs)

Core Course Requirements
HLTH 3300: Community Health Epidemiology (3 hrs)
HLTH 3350: Leadership and Management of Health Care Organizations (3 hrs)
HLTH 3400: Contemporary Problems in Health Care Organizations (3 hrs)
HLTH 3735: Information and Decision Support Systems for Health Care Orgs (3 hrs)
HLTH 4220: Health Care Finance II (3 hrs)
HLTH 4375: Health Care Policy (3 hrs)
HLTH 4445: Health Care Law and Ethics (3 hrs)
HLTH 4914: Internship in Long-Term Health Care Administration (8 hrs)
HLTH 4920: Practicum in Long-Term Health Care Administration (6 hrs)

General Elective Requirements
Complete at least two courses from the following, at the 3000-level or
A Certificate in Gerontology is also offered.