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Electronic Media (A.A.S.)




Ohio University Southern offers a two-year program of study leading to an Associate in Applied Science with a major in Electronic Media. Through intensive individualized instruction in a hands-on atmosphere, students prepare in only two years for an entry level position in the electronic media fields of audio, video and multimedia.


Minimum Semester Credit Hours: 64






Program Learning Outcomes for Associate of Applied Science Electronic Media


General Education:
All Electronic Media students must complete the Freshman English and
quantitative skills requirement (see Ohio University catalog).

ENG 1510-Writing and Rhetoric    3 hrs 

MATH 1090-Consumer Math    3 hrs


1) Complete 3 hours from:    3 hrs
COMS 1030: Fundamentals of Public Speaking


2) Computers-Complete 3 hours from:    3 hrs
CTCH 1250-Introduction to Computers
BMT 2000-Introduction to Business Computing


3) Management-Complete 3 hours from:    3 hrs
BMT 1010-Business and Its Environment
MGT 2000-Introduction to Management
ECON 1030-Principles of Microeconomics


4) Complete 3 hours from:    3 hrs
POLS 1010-Politics in the United States
PSY 1010-General Psychology SOC 1000-Introduction to Sociology


5) Social Science Elective- Complete 3 hours from:    3 hrs


6) Humanities or Fine Arts Elective- Complete    3 hours:
Tier 2HL or Tier 2 FA

Total General Education    24 hrs



Required Electronic Media Core


7) Complete 15 hours from:    15 hrs

EM 1010-Introduction to Electronic Media
EM 2110-Audio Production-Direction
EM 2160-Introduction to Video Production
EM 2220-Aesthetics in Digital Media
EM 2570-Advertising in the Broadcast and Cable Media


8) Complete 3 hours from:    3 hrs
JOUR 1330-Precision Language for Journalists
ENG 2800-Expository Writing and the Research Paper


9) Complete 2 hours from:    2 hrs
Multimedia sequence
EM 2880-Electronic Media Workshop-Multimedia
Video or Audio sequence
EM 2890-Media Workshop


Total EM Core    20 hrs



Required Video or Audio Sequence


10) Complete 3 hours from:    3 hrs
EM 2140-Advanced Audio Production/Performance
EM 2170-Advanced Video Production


11) Complete 3 hours from:    3 hrs
EM 2010-Electronic Media Analysis/Criticism
MDIA 2010-Media Analysis and Criticism


12) Complete 3 hours from:    3 hrs 

EM 2011-Electronic Media as Business
MDIA 2011-The Business of Media


Audio/Video Electives


13) Complete 11 hours from:    11 hrs
EM 1220-Media Performance
EM 1890-Electronic Media Workshop-Non-Majors
EM 2080-Topics in Electronic Media Technologies
EM 2090-Special Topics in Electronic Media - Video
EM 2100-Special Topics in Audio Production
EM 2500-News Distribution Platforms
EM 2670-International Media Systems
EM 2880-Electronic Media Workshop-Multimedia
EM 2890-Media Workshop
EM 2910-Radio-Television Internship
EM 2930-Independent Study
MDIA 3080-Technical Bases of Media


Total Audio/Video    20 hrs



Required Multimedia Sequence

10) Complete 12 hours from:    12 hrs
EM 2120-Introduction to Multimedia Production
EM 2150-Introduction to Website Design
EM 2180-Introduction to Digital Media
CTCH 1270-Introduction to Website Management





11) Complete 8 hours from:    8 hrs
ART 1100-Seeing and Knowing the Visual Arts
ART 1111-Introduction to Digital Art
ART 1141-Introduction to Digital Photography
ART 1181-Introduction to Graphic Design
EM 2500-News Distribution Platforms
EM 2880-Electronic Media Workshop-Multimedia
EM 2890-Media Workshop
EM 2930-Independent Study
EM 2010 or MDIA 2010-Electronic Media Analysis/Criticism
EM 2011 or MDIA 2011-The Business of Media


Total Multimedia Sequence    20 hrs



NOTE: It is very important that you work with an EM advisor!
Some courses are only offered once during the year.



For more information:
Don Moore, Director
Electronic Media
(740) 533-4575