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Sociology Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

The sociology major requires training in the core areas of the discipline and a flexible range of topics for specialization.

The following list of requirements can be downloaded as an Acrobat pdf.

A. Required Courses:

Earn a C or better in the following 3 courses:

SOC 1000 - Introduction to Sociology
SOC 3000 - Development of Sociological Theory
SOC 3500 - Elementary Research Techniques

B. Statistics Course:

Complete one of the following courses:

PSY 2210 - Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
ECON 3810 - Economic Statistics
MATH 2500 - Introduction to Statistics
QBA 2010 - Introduction to Business Statistics

C. Sociology Concentration:

SOC 3090 - Sociology of Appalachia
SOC 3150 - Social Identities
SOC 3270 - Sociology of Education
SOC 3290 - Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 3300 - Sociology of Poverty
SOC 3310 - Class and Inequality
SOC 3350 - Economic Sociology
SOC 3400 - Population and Society
SOC 3560J - Writing in Sociology & Anthropology
SOC 3650 - Sociology of Mental Illness
SOC 3720 - Sociology of Masculinity
SOC 4000 - Emergent Topics in Sociological Theory
SOC 4130 - Media and Society
SOC 4140 - Contemporary Social Movements
SOC 4160 - Society and the Individual
SOC 4190 - Group Processes
SOC 4210 - Comparative Studies of Family
SOC 4220 - The American Family System
SOC 4240 - Urban Sociology
SOC 4280 - Sociology of Religion
SOC 4300 - Sociology of Organization
SOC 4320 - Political Sociology
SOC 4330 - Sociology of Work
SOC 4500 - Data Analysis
SOC 4620 - Sociology of the Courts

D. Sociology Electives

Complete any three sociology or sociology-criminology courses at any level. One of these courses may be a sociology internship (as listed below).

SOC 4910 - Internship in Sociology & Criminology

E. Sociology Capstone

SOC 4950 - Sociology Capstone

Note: The above major, college, and university requirements should be considered only as a guide.  Official requirements depend on student catalog of entry.  Students should consult the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog and consider it the final authority with regard to degree requirements:

For more information, please contact the Sociology Undergraduate Coordinator.


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