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Graduate Program

Requirements and Admissions

Research and Teaching

Financial Assistance

M.A. Examination Option

M.A. Prospectus/Thesis Option

Student Documents and Forms


Documents and Forms
for Graduate Students

General Policies

Policies and Procedures
General policies of the M.A. Program in Sociology.

G.A. Duties
Duties of Graduate Associates.

ASA Style Guide
Citation Guidelines of the American Sociological Association.

Ohio University treats plagiarism--the passing off of another's ideas as your own--as serious academic misconduct. The above tutorial will help you recognize plagiarism in your own writing and that of your students.

Assembling a Committee

Graduate Committee Form
Form for assembling a graduate committee. Your committee should be established during winter semester of the first year.

The Comprehensive Examination Option

Comprehensive Examinations
What is a comprehensive examination? How is it administered?

For students interested in examinations in the following areas, faculty have established general reading lists. Reading lists for other areas (such as gender, inequality, institutions, or social theory) can be developed in consultation with your graduate committee.

The Master's Thesis Option

Prospectus Guidelines for Developing a Master's Thesis
The first step towards developing your Master's Thesis: writing your prospectus for your graduate committee.

CITI Course for the Protection of Human Subjects
A required online course for all research projects involving human subjects. Takes an average of 15 minutes to complete. On successful completion, you will be given a certificate required for your Institutional Review Board (IRB) application.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application
All research projects involving human subjects must be approved by Ohio University's Institutional Review Board. Guidelines and forms are available online. For more information, consult the IRB's list of frequently asked questions.

Thesis Guidelines
University guidelines for submitting a thesis.

Graduation Deadlines
Make sure you graduate on time.



TA Resources
Ohio University's online handbook for teaching assistants. Includes how to prepare a syllabus, class registration procedures, course policy issues, grading systems, preparing materials, and support services.

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