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The Major in Sociology

The sociology major requires training in the core areas of the discipline and a flexible range of topics for specialization. Those with degrees in sociology find meaningful and rewarding employment as consultants to business and government, social change agents (e.g., community organizers), politicians, and educators. An undergraduate major in sociology is excellent preparation for those anticipating graduate study in law, social welfare, business administration, journalism, and many technical and scientific fields. Additionally, the sociology major enhances student preparation for effective participation in the community and society at large.

For the B.A. degree in sociology, you must take 30 hours of coursework in sociology, including core courses in introductory sociology, statistics, research methods, sociological theory, and a senior year capstone course. Beyond these courses, you may, in consultation with a faculty advisor, develop a program consisting of courses that best suit your needs and interests. For more information about required coursework, please consult our list of sociology degree requirements.

The Major in Sociology with an Emphasis in Criminology

The department also offers an option to major in sociology with an emphasis in criminology. The sociology–criminology major is designed for students who desire careers in some aspect of criminal justice or who are planning to seek graduate degrees in an area related to the criminal justice system, yet who wish to receive a broad liberal arts education at the same time. Students completing the program receive a degree in sociology with the specialty in criminology listed on the transcript. Requirements include many courses required of all sociology majors, as well as more specialized courses in criminology and criminal justice. For more information, please see our sociology-criminology pages.

The Major in Sociology with an Emphasis in Pre-Law

The Sociology Pre-Law Major is a flexible course of study to help students prepare for a successful law school application. Working with a Pre-Law faculty advisor, students develop a curriculum plan emphasizing the development of analytic skills, writing skills, and oral expression. Pre law coursework in the sociology department offers a rigorous examination of the legal processes and institutions that function to bring justice to individuals, families, and communities. To complement the sociological component of pre-law, students may also take courses in literature, philosophy, political science, and economics. For degree requirements visit the Pre-Law degree requirements page or for more information, please contact Dr. Ursula Castellano.

The Minor in Sociology

The requirements for the minor is a minimum of 18 hours of courses in sociology. The sociology minor requires core courses in introductory sociology, statistics, research methods, and sociological theory, plus any two sociology electives. Students who minor in Sociology must declare that minor in the office of the college in which they are enrolled (e.g., Fine Arts, Education, etc.).  Upon petition for graduation, that office will determine through the College of Arts & Sciences the completion of requirements for the minor.  If the requirements are completed, the minor in Sociology will be granted.

On-line Catalog Information

For more complete information about the Sociology majors and minor, please see the undergraduate catalog. For more complete information about Sociology advanced degrees, please see our pages for graduate study.


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