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Dr. Robert Shelly

Robert Shelly

Emeritus Professor
Ph.D.: Michigan State University, 1972

Contact Information:

Curriculum Vitae


Areas of Specialization:
Social Psychology, Group Processes, Mathematical Models

Selected Publications:
Robert K. Shelly and Ann C. Shelly. 2009.  “Speech Content and the Emergence of Inequality in Task Groups.” Journal of Social Issues. 65 : 307-333.

Robert K. Shelly. 2008. “Multinomial Models of Performance Expectations.” In Procesy Grupowe: Perspektywa Socjologiczna (Group Processes: Sociological Perspectives) edited by Joanna Heidtman and Kinga Wysienska. Warsaw Poland. Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar Publishing Co. ISBN: 978-83-7383-223-7.

Shelly, Robert. 2008. "North Central Sociological Association Presidental Address: Micro Lessons for the Macro World." Sociological Focus. 41(3): 201-214.

Bianchi, Alison, and Robert K. Shelly. 2007. "Guest Editor's Introduction: Group Process as Social Microcosm." Sociological Focus. 40(2): 117-120.

Shelly, Robert K. 2007. "Multinomial Models of Expectation States." In Procesy Grupowe. Perspektywa Socjologiczna (Group Processes. Sociological Perspective), edited by Kinga Wysienska and Johanna Heidtmann. Scholar Publishing House (Warsaw, Poland).

Shelly, Robert K. 2007. "Training Interviewers and Experimenters." In Laboratory Experiments in the Social Sciences, edited by Murray Webster and Jane Sell. Academic Press.

downloadpdfShelly, Robert K., and Ann Converse Shelly, "The Relationship of Cognitive Development to Interaction Inequality." 2004. Current Research in Social Psychology. 10, 28-42.

Shelly, Ann Converse, and Robert K. Shelly. 2004. "Explaining Collaborative Learning: Constructivism, Tasks, and Status." New Era In Education. 85, 38-44.

Shelly, Robert K. 2004. "Emotions, Sentiments, and Performance Expectations." Advances in Group Processes, Volume 21, edited by Jonathan Turner.

Gu, Dazhung, Lonnie R. Welch, Carl R. Bruggeman and Robert K. Shelly. 2003. "Decentralized Resource Management for Dynamic Real-time Systems with Pavlov Strategy." Proceedings of the International Conference on Security and Management. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gu, Dazhung, Lonnie R. Welch and Robert K. Shelly. 2003. "The Applicability of Social Models for Self-Organizing Real-time Systems." Proceedings of the Workshop on Distributed Real-time Systems. Nice, France.

Shelly, Robert K. 2001. “How Performance Expectations Arise from Sentiments.” Social Psychology Quarterly, 64, 72-87.

Shelly, Robert K., Ian M. Handley, Jessica Baer, and Stacey Watson. 2001. "Groups and Affect: Sentiments, Emotions, and Performance Expectations." Current Research in Social Psychology. 6, 135-50.

Shelly, Robert K., and Lisa Troyer. 2001. “Emergence and Completion of Structure in Partially Defined Groups.” Social Psychology Quarterly. 64, 318-32.

Shelly, Robert K., and Lisa Troyer. 2001. “Speech Duration in Emergent Structures in Task Groups.” Sociological Perspectives. 44, 419-44.

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