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Dr. Stephen J. Scanlan

Stephen J. Scanlan

On Faculty Fellowship Leave for the 2013-14 Academic Year

Associate Professor
Ph.D.: The Ohio State University, 2000

Contact Information:
Phone: (740) 593-1384
Office: Bentley Annex 125

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Specialization:
Comparative Social Change; Environmental Sociology; International Development; Poverty and Global Inequality; Social Movements

Courses Taught:
Soc 1000: Introduction to Sociology
Soc 2110: Collective Behavior
Soc 3300: Sociology of Poverty
Soc 4140/5140: Social Movements
Soc 4320/5320: Political Sociology
Soc 4810/5810: Environmental Sociology
Soc 6080: Seminar on Poverty
Soc 6120: Seminar on Globalization

Selected Publications:
Mercer, Carly T. and Stephen J. Scanlan. Forthcoming (2013). “Outsourcing Pollution:  Environmental Degradation, Sustainable Development, and Environmental Injustice in a Globalized China” in Environment and Sustainable Development in Asia edited by Jie-Li Li. Singapore, World Scientific Publishing.

Pu, Qiongyou and Stephen J. Scanlan. 2012. "Communicating Injustice: Framing and Online Protest against Chinese Government Land Expropriation." Information, Communication, and Society 15:572-590.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2012. "Hunger and the Political Economy of the World Food System." Pp. 366-374 in The Handbook of World-Systems Analysis edited by Salvatore Babones and Christopher Chase-Dunn. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2011. “The Theoretical Roots and Sociology of Environmental Justice in Appalachia.” Pp. 3-31 in Mountains of Injustice: Social and Environmental Equity in Appalachia edited by Michele Morrone and Geoff Buckley. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press.

Scanlan, Stephen J.  2010. “Gender, Development, and HIV/AIDS:  Implications for Child Mortality and Human Security in Less Industrialized Countries.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 51: 211-32.

Scanlan, Stephen J., J. Craig Jenkins, and Lindsey Peterson. 2010. "The Scarcity Fallacy." Contexts 9:34-39.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2009. “New Direction and Discovery on the Hunger Front: Toward a Sociology of Food Security/Insecurity.” Humanity and Society 33:292-316.

Scanlan, Stephen J., Laurie Cooper Stoll, and Kimberly Lumm. 2008. “Starving for Change: The Hunger Strike and Nonviolent Action, 1906-2004.” Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change 28: 239-323.

Jenkins, J. Craig, Stephen J. Scanlan and Lindsey Peterson. 2007. “Social Stratification, Military Famine, and Child Hunger: A Cross-National Analysis, 1990-2000.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 51:823-847.

Scanlan, Stephen J. 2004. “Women, Development, and Food Security in Less Industrialized Societies: Contributions and Challenges for the New Century.” World Development 32: 1807-29.

Jenkins, J. Craig and Stephen J. Scanlan. 2001. “Food Security in Less Developed Countries, 1970-1990.” American Sociological Review 66: 718-744.


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