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Dr. Haley Duschinski

Haley Duschinski
Presidential Teacher 2014-2017
Grasselli Brown Faculty Teaching Award 2009-10
University Professor 2007-08

Associate Professor
Director of the Center for Law, Justice & Culture
Ph.D.: Harvard University, 2004

Contact Information:
Phone: (740) 593-0823
Office: Bentley Annex 131

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Specialization:
Click to hear my story!Violence, Power and War; Popular Protest; Human Rights, Law and Justice; Law and Conflict; Militarization and Impunity; International Justice; Transitional Justice; South Asia; India; Kashmir

Courses Taught:
Anth 1010: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anth 3400: Applied Anthropology
Anth 3530/5530: Anthropology of Violence & Peace
Anth 3800/5800: Cultures of South Asia
Anth 4620/5620: Human Rights, Law & Justice
HC 2900: Imagining International Justice

Program Director, Spring Break Study Abroad Program:
Anth 4620: Human Rights, Law & Justice in Northern Ireland

Selected Publications:
Hoffman, Bruce and Haley Duschinski. 2013. “Contestations Over Law, Power, and Representation in Kashmir Valley.” Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies (ahead of print), 1-30.

Duschinski, Haley. 2013. “New Ethnographies of International Justice.” Essay review of Culture under Cross-Examination by Tim Kelsall, Public Justice and the Anthropology of Law by Ronald Niezen, and Localizing Transitional Justice by Rosalind Shaw and Lars Waldorf. Political and Legal Anthropology Review, 199-207.

Duschinski, Haley and Bruce Hoffman. 2011. “On the Frontlines of the Law: Legal Advocacy and Political Protest by Lawyers in Contested Kashmir.” Anthropology Today 27(5): 8-12.

Duschinski, Haley and Bruce Hoffman. 2011. “Everyday Violence, Institutional Denial, and Struggles for Justice in Kashmir.” Race & Class 52(4): 44-70.

Duschinski, Haley. 2010. “Reproducing Regimes of Impunity: Fake Encounters and the Informalization of Violence in Kashmir Valley.” Cultural Studies 24(1): 110-132.

Duschinski, Haley. 2009. “Destiny Effects: Militarization, State Power, and Punitive Containment in Kashmir Valley.” Anthropological Quarterly 82(3): 691-718.

Duschinski, Haley. 2008. “Try Out Participatory Justice.” In Combat Law: The Human Rights & Law Bimonthly (India) 7(4): July-August, 43-45.

Duschinski, Haley. 2008. “‘Survival Is Now Our Politics’: Kashmiri Hindu Community Identity and the Politics of Homeland.” International Journal of Hindu Studies 12(1): 41-64.

Duschinski, Haley. 2007. “‘India Displacing Indians for the Sake of India’: Kashmiri Hindu Migrant Vendors and the Secular State.” Political and Legal Anthropology Review 30(1): 90-108.


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