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Dr. Ursula Abels Castellano

Ursula Castellano

Associate Professor
Ph.D.: University of California-Davis. 2005

Contact Information:
Bentley Annex 119
Phone: (740) 593-1366

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Specialization:
Sociology of the Courts and Legal Processes, Ethnography and Qualitative Methodologies, Sociology of Institutions and Organizations

Courses Taught:
Soc 1000: Introduction to Sociology
Soc 3650: Sociology of Mental Health and Illness
Soc 4300/5300: Sociology of Organizations
Soc 4620/5620: Sociology of the Courts
Soc 6070: Seminar on Qualitative Methods
Soc 6090: Seminar on Law

Selected Publications:

Anderson, Leon, Terry Peak and Ursula Castellano, editors, 2013. Special Journal Issue of the American Behavioral Scientist on Mental Health Courts, V. 57 (2).

Castellano, Ursula and Leon Anderson, 2013. Mental Health Courts in America: Promises and Challenges. American Behavioral Scientist 57(2): 163-173.

Outsourcing Justice: The Role of Nonprofit Caseworkers in Pretrial Release ProgramsCastellano, Ursula. 2011. Outsourcing Justice: The Role of Nonprofit Caseworkers in Pretrial Release Programs. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publications/First Forum Press.

Castellano, Ursula. 2011. "Problem-Solving Courts: Theory and Practice." Sociology Compass 5 (11): 957-967.

Castellano, Ursula. 2011. "Courting Compliance: Case Managers as Double Agents in Mental Health Courts." Law & Social Inquiry 36 (2): 513-548.

Castellano, Ursula. 2009. "Lawyer of the Right: Professionalizing the Conservative Coalition." American Journal of Sociology. 115 (4): 1281-84.

Castellano, Ursula. 2009. "Power, Conflict and Criminalisation." Contemporary Sociology 38 (2): 157-158.

Castellano, Ursula. 2009. "Beyond the Courtroom Workgroup: Caseworkers as the New Satellite of Social Control." Law & Policy 31(4): 429-462.

Castellano, Ursula, Joesph De Angelis, and Marisol Clark Ibanez. 2008. "Cultivating a Sociological Perspective Using Nontraditional Texts." Teaching Sociology 36(3): 240-253.

Castellano, Ursula.  2007.  “Becoming a non-expert and other strategies for managing fieldwork dilemmas in the criminal justice system.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 36(6): 704-730.

Castellano, Ursula. 2007.  “Tell your story.” Contexts: Understanding People in their Social Worlds 6(3): 56-57.

Castellano, Ursula.  2007.  “Caribbean drugs: From criminalization to harm reduction.” International Sociology Review of Books 22 (5): 598-601.

Riker, Alissa and Ursula Castellano. 2001. “The Homeless Release Project: An Innovative Pretrial Release Option.” Federal Probation 65: 9-13.

Riker, Ali and Ursula Castellano. 2000. “Community-Based Treatment: The Impact of the Homeless Pretrial Release Project.” Justice Policy Institute (June).















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