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Dr. Cynthia Anderson

Cynthia Anderson

Associate Professor
Ph.D.: North Carolina State University, 1997

Contact Information:
Phone: (740) 593-1385
Office: 151 Bentley Annex

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Specialization:
Theory, Feminist Theory, Rural Labor Markets, Low-Wage Work, Social Inequality

Courses Taught:
Soc 1000: Introduction to Sociology
Soc 3000: Development of Sociological Theory
Soc 5900: Graduate Student Proseminar

Selected Publications:
Anderson, Cynthia D. and Chih-Yuan Weng.  2011. “Regional Variation Low-Wage Work across Rural Communities.”  Pages 215-30 in Kristen Smith and Ann Tickamyer, eds, Economic Restructuring and Family Well-being in Rural America.  State College, PA:  Pennsylvania State University Press.

Guiffre, Patti, Cynthia Anderson, and Sharon Bird. 2008. “Teaching the Sociology of Gender and Work.” Teaching Sociology 36(1):66-78.

Anderson, Cynthia D., W. Richard Goe and Chih-Yuan Weng. 2007. “"A Multi-Method Research Strategy for Understanding Change in the Rate of Working Poor within the North Central Region of the United States.”  The Review of Regional Studies 37(3): 367-391.

Anderson, Cynthia D. 2006. “Historical Sociological Theory.”  Pages 53-59 in Incorporating The Women Founders into Classical Theory Courses: A Resource Book.   Edited by Jan Thomas. Washington, DC: American Sociology Association.

Anderson, Cynthia D.  2006.  “Sociology of Work.”  Pages 3-9 and 149-155 in The Sociology of Gender and Work: Syllabi and Teaching Materials, edited by Patti Guiffre and Sharon Bird. Washington, DC: American Sociology Association.
Anderson, Cynthia D. and Michael M. Bell.  2003.  “The Devil of Social Capital: A Dilemma of American Rural Sociology.”  Pages  232-234 in Paul Cloke (ed.), Country Visions  Essex: Pearson Education.

Anderson, Cynthia D., Michael D. Schulman, and Phillip J. Wood.  2003.  “Place, Race, and State:  Sustaining the Textile Security Zone in a Changing Southern Labor Market.” Pages 31-54 in Communities of Work: Rural Restructuring in Local and Global Contexts, edited by Bill Falk, Michael Schulman and Ann Tickamyer.  Athens, OH:  Ohio University Press.

Anderson, Cynthia D., Michael D. Schulman, and Phillip J. Wood.  2001. “Globalization and Uncertainty:  The Restructuring of Southern Textiles.”  Social Problems. 48(4):478-498.

Anderson, Cynthia D. and Michael Bell.  2000.  “The Social Economy of Rural Society: An Introduction.” Journal of Rural Studies. 16:269-272.

Anderson, Cynthia D.  2000.  The Social Consequences of Economic Restructuring in the Textile Industry:  Change in a Southern Mill Village.  New York:  Garland Publishing. 

Schulman, Michael D. and Cynthia D. Anderson.  1999.  “The Dark Side of the Force: A Case Study of Restructuring and Social Capital.” Rural Sociology 64:351-172.



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