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The Scripps name is legendary.

And it can help jumpstart your future. 

The Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University is named for E.W. Scripps, the newspaper publisher who created the chain newspaper innovation. We believe that we – and you – have that type of creative DNA in our blood.

Whether you are developing your own startup company, innovating within the media industry, or you are looking at enhancing your personal brand, the Scripps College of Communication is regarded as one of the top five programs in the nation. The Scripps College of Communication is the only standalone academic unit in Ohio to be named a Center of Excellence in Culture and Societal Transformation.

We’ve shaped our academic programs with you in mind, so you are learning applicable, vital and cutting-edge skills to enter the field as leaders and innovators. You are supported by inspired teaching and learning, innovative academic programs, exemplary student support and integrated co-curricular opportunities that provide access to a global network of alumni, companies – and opportunities.

Our five schools within the college provide a comprehensive focus on communication. If you’re interested in the critical/cultural side of media or the interpretive, social scientific or rhetorical components of communication studies or content development, infrastructure and policy development, we’ve got seven graduate programs that can help you build your personal brand.

We view ourselves as active producers of communication and media content, so we are better able to stay connected to industry practices while also promoting unparalleled educational experiences for you.

Take Y{ }U to the next level.


The new Steven L. Schoonover Center for Communication

Who We Are

Located in the new Steven L. Schoonover Center for Communication, the Scripps College of Communication has a distinguished record of graduating outstanding undergraduate and graduate students. We bring our historic reputation together with our active role in shaping the new communications ecology through innovation, entrepreneurship and a focus on new technologies and engagement processes. Our core strength has always been a student-centered, liberal arts orientation to the study of communication. We do not train technicians; we nurture and develop leaders. Join us.


About Our Degrees

M.S. in Journalism

The program provides opportunities to study professional journalism or prepare for further academic work by blending professionally oriented classes with mass communication principles, theory and research. Students may choose to build professional portfolios in broadcasting; print, online and magazine journalism; advertising and public relations.

Master of Information and Telecommunication Systems (MITS)

The principal focus is on voice and data networks with special emphasis on the interaction of technology, management, and policy issues in the design, deployment and operation of complex networks and information systems. MITS Residential Degree and MITS Online Degree

M.F.A. in Communication Media Arts

The MFA in Communication Media Arts is a revolutionary degree designed in response to the rapidly evolving communication field. This degree will prepare select individuals for the leading edge of industry. Students in this three-year program will develop new creative production skills, infused with contextual knowledge, allowing them to explore applications of those skills and knowledge in the changing landscape of communication through hands-on, collaborative projects. We seek to enroll individuals with a minimum of three years of professional experience in the communication field who have at least one high-level digital production skill.

M.A. in Media Arts and Studies

Through selective admissions, the school maintains a high quality of graduate students who typically have professional experience. The program focuses on the non-technical aspects of electronic media. Students select a specialization from international media, media management and policy, media studies and public media.

M.A. in Photography with a specialization in Visual Communication

The program of study allows for specializations that include: photojournalism, publication design, multimedia design, commercial photography and visual media management. Graduates are recognized leaders in visual journalism education, design, media management and visual reportage.

M.A. in Communication & Development Studies

The program stresses the use of communication to promote and support positive social development. The curriculum includes interdisciplinary perspectives on national development, area studies, and training in applied research methods.

M.A. in Organizational Communication

This program is designed for working professionals who seek to improve communication in their workplaces, organizations, and communities. Experts in applied communication offer online instruction to promote critical examination of and methods to improve communication within organizations and communities.

Ph.D. in Mass Communication/Media Arts & Studies and Journalism

The internationally-renowned doctoral program in Media Arts and Studies and Journalism focuses on media and social change, emerging media and media industry studies. Faculty offer broad expertise to prepare future scholars and teachers.

Ph.D. in Communication Studies

Ranked in as high as 3rd in the National Research Council’s rankings of doctoral programs in communication, the Ph.D. in Communication Studies uses interpretive, rhetorical, and social scientific approaches to emphasize the human element in public, organizational, and interpersonal communication. Students specialize in Rhetoric and Public Culture, Health Communication, or Relating & Organizing to become teachers and advocates for effective and ethical discourse.

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