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Beth Novak appointed Scripps Associate Dean of Student Success

Feb 11, 2013

Beth Novak appointed Scripps Associate Dean of Student Success


ATHENS, Ohio (Feb. 11, 2012)—Scripps College of Communication Dean Scott Titsworth announced the appointment of Beth Novak, BSVC ’98, MFA ’03, undergraduate director and associate professor in the School of Media Arts and Studies, to Associate Dean for Student Success. The appointment begins in May.

“Beth will bring many assets to this re-envisioned position in the College,” Titsworth said in a Feb. 6 email to the College’s faculty and staff. “Her experiences as a faculty member, advisor, and now undergraduate director in Media Arts and Studies will certainly serve her well in providing leadership for our student success initiatives.”

Novak looks forward to the challenge of moving from the school to the college office. 

"I have enjoyed serving the students in the School of Media Arts and Studies in my role as faculty and as the undergraduate director, and look forward to continuing those relationships in the Scripps College of Communication, albeit in a slightly different capacity," said Novak. "As an alumna of the college, I am excited to be a part of the future of Scripps."

Titsworth said Novak’s plans for the role include promoting accessibility for both prospective and current students: to increasing the enrollment of underserved populations, increasing student and faculty, and accessing areas of the field to enrich curriculum.

“These and other questions guided the vision articulated by Beth; I'm sure you will join me in agreeing that these are exactly the type of questions we should be asking, answering, and acting on to realize our objective of providing the best possible experience for all of our students, faculty, and staff,” Titsworth stated. “I have no doubt that Beth's commitment to these issues will serve our college well, particularly as the new Leon Harris Student Center is created as part of our new building.”

Novak’s areas of expertise are user interface design, history and production of digital media and nontraditional storytelling. She has been part of the Media Arts and Studies faculty since 2003, and has taught classes in areas such as the history of special effects, digital game production, computer animation, and media and the web. Her creative work has ranged from digital game interface design for children to broadcast graphics for film. Beth also serves as the faculty advisor to OU’s chapter of SIGGRAPH.

Prior to returning to Ohio University to earn her Master’s in Fine Arts, Novak worked as an interface designer with the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press, and America Online. She was awarded the 2005 Technology Industry Gurus of the Appalachian Region (TIGAR) Award for Outstanding Educator Advancing Information Technology.

Novak will fill a void in the Dean’s Office left by the retirement of Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Services Anita James’ retirement later this year.

“I am thankful for Beth's willingness to step into this critically important role, and am also thankful for the outstanding work that Anita James has done and will continue to do as the interim assistant dean,” Titsworth said.