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Scripps Career Pathways: Jordan Youtz, BSJ ’11, creative director for The Charlie Burton Group

Feb 20, 2014

Scripps Career Pathways: Jordan Youtz, BSJ 11, creative director for The Charlie Burton Group

Jordan graduated in 2011 with a bachelor of science in journalism from the Scripps College of Communication. His first job after graduation was with Simply Mac, the fastest growing Apple retailer. Jordan moved to Romania and started a company, The Charlie Burton Group, and works remotely for Clay Creative in Columbus.

How do you feel your Scripps College of Communication degree has helped you in your career thus far?
Everything I learned at Scripps has taught me to approach everyday with a three-dimensional mindset. This mindset involves teamwork, hard work and focus. The era of globalization is making lightning speed changes to the communications industry, and it’s more vital than ever to know your strengths and weaknesses. The professors and classes prepared me with the fundamentals I needed to kick-start a career in the field. The most useful courses were advertising principles, advertising strategy and my final capstone class. 

How did your extra-curricular activities or internship(s) help you with your career?
Sitting in class, taking tests and learning from professionals is just the tip of the iceberg in college. It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people because they are the ones you will work side by side with in a couple of years. Ad Club was a total submersion in the advertising industry, and The National Student Advertising Competition was the best opportunity to get hands on experience in the field. I was a founding member of Thumbprint Advertising, and we started this student organization with a mission to practice our passion at the local level, build up our portfolios and gain real-life experience. 

I have noticed you currently work for Clay Creative in Columbus and are living in Romania… Can you tell me a little bit about your journey abroad and how you are still working for a local company?
I started with Clay Creative as a blog writer in March 2012 when I suggested to the company that we maintain our relationship while I was abroad. This is a great thing for our era. Working remotely… Traveling abroad and taking on a new culture has taught me so much and broadened my perspective about the communication industry. The language was a major barrier to finding work in a local office, but there is a major demand for social media and marketing in this market. I stopped searching and started creating. I started my company in December 2012.

What is a typical day like for you in this position?
Writing 1,000 + words on a variety of topics, managing social media channels and promoting the company for new business. 

What steps did you take in starting your own business?
First off, I don’t think I would’ve even pursued the slightest thought of trying to be an entrepreneur if I was still living in the U.S. Moving abroad, especially this far away, pressured me into trying new things, which tested my potential. After maneuvering past the culture shock, it was a breath of fresh air to try new things.  First, I took Romanian classes to learn the Romanian language, but mainly to make new friends. I then met Spaniards in my class who were working for the Spanish Embassy. They introduced me to a new friend with whom I started the company. I continued to network and meet new people.  

What is the single most important piece of advice you’d like to give to Scripps students?
You don’t learn how to get new business/clients in college, but you do learn how to produce and deliver good work. Keep up with the latter and the former will come. 

- Katie Quinn