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ITS alumni family give back to new graduates in unique way

Maygan Beeler | Jan 6, 2016

Celebrating Ohio University Commencement together several years ago are (left to right) Garima Bajaj, MCTP '07, Kapil Bajaj, MCTP '09, and Kislay Mukherjee, MCTP '08. / Photo provided

ITS alumni family give back to new graduates in unique way

By Maygan Beeler

ATHENS, Ohio (Jan. 6, 2016)—A family of J. Warren McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems alumni are aiding graduate students who have completed the program in their job search process by providing them with a unique gift.

Kapil Bajaj, MCTP '09, his sister Garima Bajaj, MCTP '07, and his brother in-law Kislay Muckherjee, MCTP '08, donate copies of the book “What Color is Your Parachute?”, a highly popular job hunting guide, to recent graduates of the J. Warren McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems master’s program in hopes it will give them the tools they need to choose the best career path.

“It was quite challenging for me to search for the right job after graduation,” Garima said. “So, I would like the new graduates to have a resource handy.”

Garima heard about Ohio University and ITS from her brother, Kapil. After extensive research of her own, Garima enrolled in the program and later persuaded Muckherjee, whom she worked with in India, to join herself and Kapil at OHIO.

“It is really nice to be surrounded by family members especially being an international student,” Garima said of studying with her brother. “Moving to Ohio University was a big transformation and having a family member for support was very beneficial.”

Professor Andy Snow served as academic advisor to both Kapil and Garima during their time in the ITS masters program.

“They’re the only brother/sister pair we’ve had so far,” Snow said. “But if you put them in a room and talk to them it might not be so obvious that they’re brother and sister. They have very different personalities.”

Kapil currently works as a medical informatics program manager for Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Office of Medical Informatics.

“Kapil is quiet spoken but very gregarious,” Snow said. “He knows everyone, he gets involved in the community and he’s a very giving person.”

Garima and Muckherjee, now married, live in Seattle, Washington where Garima works as a senior database administrator for Apptio Inc. and Muckherjee works as a systems engineer for His job involves supporting various Amazon services, implementing solutions via automation and maintaining servers' health while Garima’s job focuses on setting up database architecture for disaster recovery, redundancy and failovers, among other tasks.

The pair still recalls favorite ITS memories.

“Internet Engineering and Lab Practicum courses were the most fun I ever had in school,” Muckherjee said.

For Garima, a few research-related awards, such as winning the International Telecommunications Education and Research Association best paper award, highlight her ITS experience.

“I think her thesis was probably the longest of any of my students, it was over 100 pages,” Snow said. “We don’t have a Ph.D. program but I think in a lot of places it probably would have sufficed as a dissertation. It was quite a good piece of work.”

The family has visited campus several times since graduation, and plans to continue gifting the book to ITS graduates.

“We thought, why not help those graduates with a rock solid book which will guide them in finding the job they are looking for,” Muckherjee said. “We wish someone had given this book to us when we were looking for jobs.”