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Scripps students make a difference for a third year through Project C

Nov 28, 2012

Scripps students make a difference for a third year through Project C

Nov. 28 information session to kick off this year’s effort; Feb. 1 deadline for nominations

By Erin Roberts,

ATHENS, Ohio (Nov. 28, 2012)—Ohio University’s Project C was created in February 2011 by three School of Visual Communication (VisCom) students—Annette Drapac, Tony Guglielmi and Kyle Ackley—to reach out to the Athens community and its non-profit organizations via film, interactive design and philanthropy.

Now in its third year, the project involves students from throughout the Scripps College of Communication, and organizers are seeking nominations for non-profit companies that will benefit from this year’s campaign through Feb. 1, 2013.

“Project C is really about giving back to the Athens community, and it’s a good way for students to connect with community members because we don’t always get that chance on campus ,” said second-year VisCom graduate student, Zach Kuzmic, who is a student officer for the project. “It’s a nice way to branch out and give back to the community.”

The organization website, at, serves as the primary medium for the organization’s work. Visitors to the site can submit nominations, watch multimedia pieces featuring the spotlighted non-profit organizations, and then vote on the non-profit they want to receive the most money. All of the money raised is distributed to the chosen organizations, in a pie-chart system, awarding each the percentage of the total money raised matching their voting popularity.

Kuzmic says this is his first year participating in Project C and that he and the others working on it are grateful for the program's strong foundation.

“This is my first year, and pretty much all of us are new,” he said. “So we’re keeping in close contact with last year’s leaders, and we hope to build on their success. They’ve laid a nice foundation, but we’re going to try to improve the website.”

Information sessions are being held for students that are interested in giving back to the community. To learn more, attend the information session TODAY, Nov. 28, in Seigfred 306 at 7 p.m. or email Kuzmic at

To nominate a non-profit for this year’s contest, submit your nomination online.