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Alumna Nancy Cartwright visits Athens for ‘In Search of Fellini’ screenings

Julia Brown | Sep 27, 2017

(L-R) Ohio University College of Fine Arts Dean Matthew Shaftel moderates a Q&A session following the screening of “In Search of Fellini” with writer and executive producer alumna Nancy Cartwright and co-writer and co-producer Peter Kjenaas at the Athena Cinema. / Photo provided by Bob Stewart

Alumna Nancy Cartwright visits Athens for ‘In Search of Fellini’ screenings

By Julia Brown

ATHENS, Ohio (Sept. 27, 2017)—This past weekend, Scripps College of Communication alumna Nancy Cartwright returned to Athens to host two special screenings of her film “In Search of Fellini” at the Athena Cinema on Sept. 22 and 23. Cartwright, who is perhaps best known as the voice of Bart Simpson from “The Simpsons,” wrote and served as executive producer on the movie.

“In Search of Fellini” follows Lucy, a small-town girl from Ohio, who discovers the films of Italian director Federico Fellini. His bizarre and powerful portrayals of humanity compel her to visit Italy to find him. The movie is based on Cartwright’s own discovery of Fellini’s films.

Through postcards written to her mother, Lucy is able to share her grand Italian adventure, including her romance with a man called Pietro. The movie features several nods to Fellini’s work, in its characters, locations and visual cues, but remains accessible to those who aren’t familiar with his work.

After both screenings, students and community members stayed for a Q&A session with Cartwright and co-writer and co-producer Peter Kjenaas. The two discussed what goes into producing a feature-length film and how the story of “In Search of Fellini” was largely autobiographical for Cartwright, who went on a similar adventure to find Fellini.

She told the story of her own discovery of Fellini’s films and how she had tried to get in contact with his office to no avail, prompting her to take a spontaneous trip to Italy to find him.

Cartwright also had a meet and greet with Scripps College of Communication students on Friday, Sept. 22 in the Lasher Learning Center in Schoonover Center. There, she gave inspiring words with the use of a pebble prop used in the movie.

“Everything has a purpose, even this pebble,” she said. “You have a purpose. You can elevate the culture.”

She also discussed her love for Ohio University and the “great nostalgia and pleasure in coming back and seeing the campus.”

As an Emmy® and Annie Award-winning actress, Nancy is best known as the voice of spiky-headed underachiever Bart Simpson on Fox’s iconic hit, "The Simpsons". Also included in her arsenal of characters are Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz, Rod Flanders, Maggie Simpson, DataBase Kearney, and Chuckie from "Rugrats", Rufus, the naked mole-rat from "Kim Possible" and Mindy from "Animaniacs". Nancy has also appeared in a wide variety of films and television shows as an actor. She executive produced and co-wrote the feature film "In Search of Fellini". Visit for full coverage of her career.

Nancy was inducted into the Scripps College of Communication's Ohio Communication Hall of Fame in 2010. The Hall of Fame honors professionals who exhibit lifetime professional achievement. In June 2012, Ohio University bestowed upon Nancy an Honorary Degree Citation – Doctor of Communication in recognition of achievement in her field as an actress, as a philanthropist and through her scholarship endowment established at OHIO. Nancy was the Commencement speaker and addressed an audience of 14,000 graduates and their families delivering her 6 Rules of Success.

More information about “In Search of Fellini” can be found here.