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Journalism students, faculty, alumni gather for Scripps Hall farewell event

Apr 30, 2013

Several students from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism pose by the bust of E.W. Scripps during the school's farewell to Scripps Hall on April 26. In August, the school will be relocated to the new Schoonover Center for Communication. / Photos by Megan Westervelt

Journalism students, faculty, alumni gather for Scripps Hall farewell event

By Erin Roberts

ATHENS, Ohio (April 30, 2013)—More than a hundred students, faculty and alumni of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism gathered Friday, April 26, for a “Farewell to Scripps Hall.” The school’s faculty and staff will move to the new Schoonover Center for Communication in August, and E.W. Scripps Hall, the school’s home for 27 years, will remain in the College but will no longer be exclusively used by the School of Journalism. 

"I highly enjoyed the farewell, even though it's sad to leave Scripps behind,” said Ashley Hopkins, a doctoral student in the school. “It's been my home for the last year, but I'm excited about the move across campus, especially as it will allow the different colleges to work together.”

Event attendees were able to tour the building, watch video presentations of Scripps Hall’s history and share in a video tribute to the graduating class of 2013. Guests were treated to live music, some of which was performed by Director Bob Stewart. 

Those who attended also signed a panoramic poster print of Scripps Hall, which will travel to the school’s new home in Schoonover Center for Communication. The Schoonover Center is a new integrated facility for the Scripps College of Communication that is currently being constructed on the former Baker Center site across from College Green. 

The event was planned by journalism students who served as executives on the ImPRessions PR account for the school. While the group usually plans a Senior Sendoff, Dr. Stewart asked them to think about coupling it with a farewell for the building. 

"It ended up being a great idea that received a lot of publicity,” said Bill Hartman, an account executive. “I think it was the perfect way to end the year and the perfect way to commemorate Scripps Hall. The students and faculty all had a great time, and I'd say it was a hit.”

Although classes will not begin in Schoonover Center until Fall 2014, all offices for journalism faculty will be moving in Fall 2013. Beginning next school year, Scripps Hall will house classes outside of the journalism curriculum and special organizations within the Scripps College of Communication.

To learn more about the Schoonover Center for Communication, visit