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Communication Studies’ Brittany Peterson named CSCA Outstanding New Teacher

Apr 8, 2014

Communication Studies’ Brittany Peterson named CSCA Outstanding New Teacher

By Kerry Tuttle

ATHENS, Ohio (April 8, 2014)—Dr. Brittany Peterson, an assistant professor in the School of Communication Studies, was honored last week with the Central States Communication Association (CSCA) Outstanding New Teacher Award at the national conference conducted in Minneapolis, Minn. last week. This award recognizes individuals who are in their first five years of full-time teaching and show distinction in their professional career.

“I am so honored and excited to receive this award,” said Peterson. “I am also thankful to work alongside colleagues who deeply value the teacher-scholar model and encourage me to continuously seek opportunities to become a better educator.”

The CSCA is a professional, academic organization consisting of primary and secondary school teachers, students, college and university professors, and communication professionals. It aims to unite and educate people with both an affinity to the central region of the United States and a scholarly interest in all areas of communication.

“The Central States Communication Association conference was the very first conference I ever attended as a graduate student,” said Peterson. “Each year the conference offers a warm and inviting space where graduate students and senior scholars can engage in conversation and cultivate relationships. I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful organization.”

As an assistant professor at Ohio University, Peterson specializes in teaching organizational communication, qualitative research, and organizational voluntary and involuntary membership. Her scholarly research focuses on the issues of membership in organizations and extending traditional ideas of membership, and she has also been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Communication Monographs, Communication Education and AIDS Care. Peterson is enthusiastic not only about teaching and researching, but learning from her students as well.

“During my years as a professor, I have found that learning is a lifelong endeavor, both for the students and for myself,” said Peterson. “My students have taught me to be better, to dig deeper, and to commit to them more fiercely every single day. Perhaps most importantly, though, they have taught me that passion is key to a successful learning environment - passion to co-create knowledge, to risk, to learn. Passion to do this thing we call teaching and to do it well.”

More information about CSCA’s Outstanding New Teacher Award is available on the CSCA website.