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OHIO senior lands freelance job with Yahoo! Sports

Feb 12, 2014

OHIO senior lands freelance job with Yahoo! Sports

By Kerry Tuttle

ATHENS, Ohio (Feb. 12, 2014)—Writing for a top sports website is a dream for many sports journalists around the nation. For Alex Marcheschi, an Ohio University senior majoring in News and Information, it’s a reality. Marcheschi is a contributor to Yahoo! Sports, the most popular sports site online today with an estimated total of more than 125 million unique monthly visitors. 

A December article by Marcheschi titled “Cincinnati Bengals: New Season, Same Old Story as the Playoffs Approach,”  received more than 40 million unique visitors and generated an advertising value of $32,627. Several additional articles written by Marcheschi since then have garnered similar results. Since he started with Yahoo! in November 2013, Marcheschi has covered the Cleveland Indians, the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals.

“When I applied to Yahoo! Sports, I was initially trying to get the Indiana Pacers contributor job, but the editors wanted me to cover the Cleveland Cavaliers because it’s more regional,” he said. “They asked me to submit a test piece and they ended up liking it, eventually publishing it that same day. After a few weeks of solely writing about the Cavs, they let me cover two more professional teams so I chose the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s been a huge blessing and I really enjoy it. It would be amazing to do something like this for a career after school.”

Marcheschi’s dream job is to have a well-read blog or series of columns, along with a radio show or podcast that involves listener input. He cites fan insight and opinions as the reasons he enjoys debating sports. 

“One thing that I think professional sports media members do is over-value their own opinion,” said Marcheschi. “I realize that there are fans out there who know more than I do about a specific thing, so those voices are valuable. One thing you can’t do is act like the lone authority on a topic. I also always try to implement humor into my posts, because way too many sports writers take themselves too seriously.”

This humor and humility has served Marcheschi well in the journalism world. Prior to his freelance gig at Yahoo! Sports, he interned at WKRC-TV in Cincinnati as a part of the Local 12 Sports staff. At Ohio University he has covered football, men’s golf, women’s soccer and hockey for the WOUB Bobcats Sports Showcase as both a writer and co-editor. He has also written sports columns for The Post and worked as a staff writer for

“The great thing about journalism is that there are so many different doors out there to open. I am very grateful that people have shown interest in my commentary thus far at Yahoo! Contributor Network and I’m excited about what’s in store,” he said. “The Scripps network is incredibly expansive and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the successful grads in the sports media industry. It’s encouraging.”

Visit Alex Marcheschi’s Yahoo! Contributor Network page to read more.