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VisCom students win big in 13th Annual Design Contest for College Students

Alex Koumas | May 29, 2012

VisCom students win big in 13th Annual Design Contest for College Students

By Alex Koumas,

ATHENS, Ohio (May 29, 2012) – Students in the School of Visual Communication (VisCom) won 13 of the 39 print design awards in the 13th Annual Design Contest for College Students, sponsored by the Edmund C. Arnold chapter of the Society for News Design at Michigan State University (MSU), earlier this month.

VisCom students swept the category for Feature Page Newspaper and Magazine Spread. Students also won awards in the other categories of Art & Illustration, Promotions & Advertising, Special Sections and Infographics.

Ashley Cappellazzi, a senior studying informational graphics and publication page design in the School of Visual Communication, explained that she was excited to place in the contest but even more excited to see her peers do well.

“We’ve worked together on all of these projects from start to finish,” said Cappellazzi, who will soon begin her first job as a designer at a studio in Phoenix, Ariz. “I couldn’t have done this without VisCom. Julie Elman is the best teacher I could have ever asked for. She’s the driving force behind why I want to be a designer.”

Elman, an associate professor and one of the judges for the contest, explained that it’s important for students to enter into the contest because it gives them the opportunity to gain exposure and recognition for their best work from this year, as well as potentially steers them toward future opportunities.

“When the Wall Street Journal graphics editor searched for potential candidates for a design opening, he looked through the winning pages of this competition,” Elman explains. “He contacted Tristan Wyatt, one of our design graduate students who had received recognition for one of his entries. Long story short, Tristan will be heading to New York City this summer to work as a full-time infographics designer for The Wall Street Journal.”

The Michigan State University Design Contest for College Students began in 2000 as a way for students to enter work done not only for a campus newspaper, but also projects done for a class, a job or an internship. Prior to the competition, students who didn’t work for a campus newspaper weren’t able to enter many college design competitions. The MSU Design Contest was ultimately established to give those students a forum in a national competition.

VisCom Assistant Professor Lisa Villamil explained that the success of these students and many more speaks volumes about the college, especially its commitment to excellence.

“I think it says that the college recognizes that excellence may be achieved in different academic environments and supports it fives schools, each teaching through very different program approaches yet all producing outstanding students,” Villamil states.

Complete results for Ohio University students follow:

Feature Page Newspaper category

  • Danielle Morris, 1st place
  • Ashley Cappellazzi, 2nd place
  • Brittany Oliver, 3rd place
  • Sarah Maclam, Honorable Mention

Magazine Spread category

  • Ashley Cappellazzi, 1st & 2nd places
  • Megan Hillman, 3rd place
  • Brittany Oliver, Honorable Mention

Art & Illustration

  • Brittany Oliver, Honorable Mention

Promotions & Advertising category

  • Megan Hillman, 3rd place

Special Sections category

  • Catherine Pomiecko, 3rd place

Infographics category

  • Danielle Zeisler, 3rd place
  • Midori Sakurai, Honorable Mention