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Student creators of short film ‘The Funkmaster’ win 48-hour Shootout

Feb 19, 2013

A student team braves the weather and lack of sleep as they race to complete a short film in 48 hours for the 11th annual Shootout competition during which students are given a prop, a line and a genre and just two days to produce an entry into the contest. / Photos by Megan Westervelt

Student creators of short film ‘The Funkmaster’ win 48-hour Shootout

By Kerry Tuttle

ATHENS, Ohio (Feb. 19, 2013)—The eleventh annual 48-hour Shootout kicked off on Friday, Feb. 15 and concluded on Sunday night in Memorial Auditorium where a crowd gathered to watch the finished three- to five-minute short films produced by 25 teams in just 48 hours. Seven teams were unable to make it to the deadline, so only 18 videos were actually eligible for judging. The two-day event required teams to race against the clock as they worked to incorporate an assigned genre, prop and line of dialogue into a short film.

Jessica Rovniak, an event producer for the Shootout, described it as a fantastic showing of the school’s talent. “I think that if you wanted to see what everyone in the school has to offer, this is the place. It’s a ton of fun to watch.”

The winners were announced very quickly this year with first place being awarded to “The Funkmaster,” a four-minute video produced by LuciFeatures. Maggie Lawlor, a junior double major in Media Management and Communication Studies, produced the film, which was a surprise win for the LuciFeatures team.

“We didn’t go into the competition thinking we would win, we just wanted to make something light and fun that people enjoy watching,” Lawlor said. “We were really excited to win, and it’s a great morale boost before we go film a short film in Nashville for a week.”

Lawlor also credited her crew for being a dedicated group that pushed through a lack of sleep in order to put extra audio and graphics work into the film, as well as finish it on time.

The top three films produced during the “competition of caffeine-fueled creativity,” as organizers dubbed the event this year, are available on YouTube and details on each are as follows:

First place: The Funkmaster by LuciFeatures
Genre: Superhero
Prop: Pet
Line: “Let’s remix this business.”

Second place: Casual Sunday by Just Spit It Out
Genre: Dark comedy
Prop: Maple Syrup
Line: “Yep, I can do that.”

Third place: Bad Blood by Aw Lawd Productions
Genre: Western
Prop: Valentine’s Card
Line: “Are you pregnant? You’ve been eating a lot.”