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Scripps College takes part in OHIO’s first International Education Week

Nov 19, 2013

Lindsey Zimmerman, left, Amanda Breedlove, and Katy Anderson stand by the poster for the Leipzig study abroad program they participated in last summer during the Scripps expo on Thursday, Nov. 14, as part of International Education Week at Ohio University. / Photos by Megan Westervelt 

Scripps College takes part in OHIO’s first International Education Week

By Kerry Tuttle 

ATHENS, Ohio (Nov. 19, 2013)—The Scripps College of Communication celebrated its international programs and relationships as part of Ohio University’s International Education Week. On Thursday, Nov. 14, an expo, panel and film screening themed “Engaging the World” spotlighted programs and initiatives between the Scripps College of Communication and our global partners. Information about study abroad opportunities was available, and all schools within the College were represented at the expo fair.

Rob Razzante, a junior majoring in both communication studies and Spanish, explained how taking classes in both fields of study have helped enrich his education. “A lot of our communication theory translates into language theory,” he said. “The two complement each other in both the educational and cultural aspect. For example, the tango in Argentina originated for a very similar reason as the blues in America. Comparing and studying the two pulls from both my Spanish and communication studies knowledge.”

Following the expo, the “Engaging the World” panelists presented global partnership work including a Ph.D. program between the School of Communication Studies and Bangkok University, the Institute for International Journalism, initiatives in Guyana and the Global Leadership Center.

One way Scripps students can gain international experience is through the Scripps Institute for International Journalism. The Institute has funded and sent more than 250 journalism majors to more than 35 countries for foreign correspondence internships. The journalism school also holds annual study abroad programs and hosts international professionals.

Dr. Claudia Hale, a professor in the School of Communication Studies, presented about the doctoral program partnership between Ohio University’s Scripps College and Bangkok University. “This partnership has given us the opportunity to work with individuals and on projects we wouldn’t have before.”

These global opportunities benefit not only the students, but Ohio University faculty as well. Greg Emery, director of the Global Leadership Center, depends on faculty members from across the University to help GLC students with their international consulting projects because “Ohio University is blessed in experts in everything.”

The new Vice Provost of Global Affairs and professor of Health Sciences and Professions, Dr. Lorna Jean Edmonds, depends on Scripps College to both tell Ohio University’s international story and show other Colleges the importance of global work. “Scripps plays a role in showing the University that it is very important to be visionary, nimble and engaged.” 

The events were all part of the first International Education Week at Ohio University. To see a full list of events conducted on campus, visit