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Students benefit from creating online portfolios in Seelio

Julia Brown | Jun 11, 2018

Students benefit from creating online portfolios in Seelio

By Julia Brown

ATHENS, Ohio (June 11, 2018)—Seelio, a portfolio website for students, is all about creating a personal brand. Personal branding is a skill that is emphasized in the Scripps College of Communication; students are encouraged to go beyond the bullet points of a resume and show the work they’ve created in their time here.

In 2015, Beth Novak, who was the assistant dean for student success, created a partnership between the Scripps College of Communication and Seelio. For some students like senior integrated media major Patrick Evans, Seelio has become a larger part of their academic experience. Evans was a part of the first class to use Seelio in the spring of 2015 in Eric William’s Media and Creative Process course. According to Williams, an associate professor in the School of Media Arts & Studies, Seelio offers students a unique opportunity.

“Prior to working with Seelio, I had never worked with portfolio websites,” Williams explained. “But I think that it’s a great benefit for students because it helps them to curate their work throughout college and create a personalized and fluid portfolio that they can easily share.”

For Evans, Seelio is unique because it allows students to explain the how and why behind a project, instead of just showing off the end result. “A portfolio is more than just the final product—it is about the journey and the outcome,” Evans said. “I find that most employers I have spoken to are more interested in seeing the creative process and learning outcomes rather than the final product. I haven’t found many other sites that allow for this type of explanation.”

The site also allows students to show their collaboration with other people, and also allows students to link directly to other sites like Prezi, YouTube and Vimeo. For Assistant Dean for Student Success Greg Moeller, Seelio gives students the chance to bring all these sites together and make them look more professional. Individual sites can also link to students’ LinkedIn profiles, keeping their network up-to-date on their latest projects and accomplishments.

“I think as someone who is creating content, it is often easy to share the work to social media, but in my experience, reflecting on the work is crucial; this was a hole that was filled by Seelio,” Evans added. “Overall, Seelio has been the foundation of my professional presence online and has landed me internships in both Ohio and Los Angeles.”

Evans also had the chance to personally collaborate with Seelio in their Ann Arbor, Michigan offices during the summer of 2017. His time there allowed him to explore Seelio has to offer so he could bring that knowledge back to the Bobcat population. Evans spent time last fall semester speaking with freshman in Learning Communities about Seelio and its potential uses.

“My hope is that students understand the importance of keeping a portfolio of their work,” Evans said. “And that through using Seelio effectively, students can push their resume to the top of an internship coordinators pile.”

For Greg Moeller, the opportunities Seelio creates are endless. “Our college invested in Seelio because we want to invest in our students,” he explained. “We want all our students to shine because that ends up being a reflection on us.”

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