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Annual Cookout with the Dean connects college community

Maisee Fried | Sep 14, 2017

Students prepare their hot dogs at the Cookout with the Dean at Schoonover Center on Sep. 12. 2017. / Photo by Jorge Castillo Castro

Annual Cookout with the Dean connects college community

By Maisee Fried

ATHENS, Ohio (September 14, 2017)—To kick off the academic year, the Scripps College of Communication invited the Ohio University community for the third annual Cookout with the Dean. Students joined Dean Scott Titsworth, the five school directors and other faculty and staff for a cookout on Tuesday, Sept. 12, at Schoonover Center.

Dean Titsworth said the event is a reminder of the family students have in the Scripps College of Communication and the sense of community the college strives for.

“We all have a common interest and we also share a lot of common passions and a desire of togetherness. Events like this bring out the natural instincts a lot of people in communications have,” said Dean Titsworth. “I think that this is something that may remind students of their family life back home, perhaps, and I think it’s nice to have those little reminders that you have family here, just like you do back in your home town.”

The event served up over 900 hot dogs, veggie dogs and bratwursts to the lunch crowd.

Makayla Montgomery, a junior in the School of Visual Communication, found the cookout to be a much less intimidating time to speak to faculty. “I feel like here you’re allowed to talk to them. I probably wouldn’t have done that on my own. It’s not something you think about doing. Every college should do something like this,” she said.

Connor Mills, a freshman journalism major, was surprised when the dean introduced himself to Mills by first name. “It was nice to meet the dean and interact on a personal level instead of a professional level,” Mills said.

Junior Liam Niemeyer, who lives off campus, enjoyed the free meal. Niemeyer said, “It was nice to actually get a moment in everyone’s busy schedule and sit down with friends in Scripps to enjoy a meal.”

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