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First-year journalism student wins sports writing contest, iPad2

Erin Roberts | Nov 15, 2011

First-year journalism student wins sports writing contest, iPad2

By Erin Roberts,

Scott Titsworth, Howard Becker, George Peck and Bob StewartRIGHT: Scripps College Interim Dean Scott Titsworth, Comet Technologies CEO Howard Becker, journalism freshman George Peck and E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Director Bob Stewart pose for a photo after Peck was awarded an iPad2 for winning the Sportadore University Student Writing Competition. / Photo by Matt Adams

ATHENS, Ohio (Nov. 15, 2011)—George Peck, a first-year journalism student from Cincinnati, won a student writing competition sponsored by Sportadore, an online sports community.

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, Howard Becker, CEO of Sportadore’s parent company, Comet Technologies, of Beachwood, Ohio, traveled to Athens to present Peck with an iPad2.

“From a pride point, it was wonderful that the winning student was from Ohio University,” Becker said. “George did a great job promoting his stories. He wrote twice as many stories as anyone else and had twice as many hits as the second-place finisher.”

Once students registered for the competition, they could write and post as many stories as they wished to the site. The winner was chosen based on the number of page views to submitted stories.

“The new measurement of success is impressions,” Becker said, saying that registrants could promote their work using social media and other methods.

The website, which boasts over 10 million authors of sports stories, videos and opinions, had 73 entrants from 21 schools and universities.

“If I could do it again, I’d write even more,” Peck said of his performance during the competition. “The contest seemed like a good opportunity, and I really wanted an iPad.”

Sportadore management was impressed with the results of the first year for the contest, and intends to turn it into an annual event.

“Today’s sports journalist must necessarily be adept at a wide range of multimedia skills,” said Becker. “We ran the contest to reinforce with journalism and broadcast students the need for young journalists to be successful in not only stories for classic print, TV and radio outlets, but also for the new world of multimedia sports journalism on the web, where stories are shorter.”

Becker presented the prize to Peck in Scripps Hall. Interim Dean Scott Titsworth and E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Director Bob Stewart were also in attendance.

Kelly Martin, of the WOUB Center for Public Media, contributed.