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Allison Arnold named new Ohio University student trustee

Tony Sylvester | Jun 20, 2011

Allison Arnold named new Ohio University student trustee

Appointment leads to both student trustee spots being filled by Scripps students

Allison Arnold has been named the new Ohio University student trustee.By Tony Sylvester,

RIGHT: Allison Arnold has been named the new Ohio University student trustee. / Photo by Christina Baird

ATHENS, Ohio (June 20, 2011)—Junior Allison Arnold, a public relations and political science major, was appointed to the Ohio Board of Trustees as the new student trustee last month. The board appoints two student trustees, each on a staggered two-year term. Arnold will join the current student trustee, junior Danielle Parker, also a Scripps College of Communication student.

Arnold decided to run for student trustee when she took a political theory class. Unexpectedly, her professor e-mailed her and explained he would be nominating her for the position.

“I was taken back,” said Arnold. “I took a few days to read about it and learn about it. After meeting with some people in student senate, I decided to follow through with the upcoming application deadlines. Then the announcement was made, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.”

Arnold’s double major in journalism and political science and her high school experience with both may have been factors in her qualifications as a student trustee.

“Public relations is all about connecting to your publics,” said Arnold. “(As student trustees,) we represent the students, but we also represent the university.”

On campus, Arnold is the communications chair for the College Republicans and works for Café Bibliotech.

Arnold worked for her school newspaper as a copy editor and front-page editor at Anderson High School near Cincinnati. Her ability to bridge people in spite of their differences became evident when she created the Young Republicans Club at Anderson and led her peers in working with Students for Obama. She also was called upon to discuss education issues with the Anderson school board.

“I’ve always been one to foster discussion,” said Arnold.

Arnold credits her parents for helping her to stay focused on her goal to complete her degrees and to make her mark at Ohio University.

“I know this is very typical but I’d have to say [my biggest inspirations are] my parents,” said Arnold. “They both went to college but neither finished because they wanted to start a family and take job offers. Even during the economic circumstances, they’ve always been dedicated to make sure I’m successful.”

Arnold looks forward to her two-year term as student trustee and plans to apply her life motto to the job.

“You might not be standing for what’s popular, but stand up for what is right, even if you’re standing alone.”

Other finalists for the position included juniors Zach George, Victoria Calderon, Tiffany Schlein and sophomore Allie Dyer.