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Scripps Career Pathways: Lillie Ranney, BSC ’13, founder of Foleeo

Nov 2, 2013

Scripps Career Pathways: Lillie Ranney, BSC ’13, founder of Foleeo ( 

Lillie Ranney graduated in May 2013 from Scripps College of Communication with a degree in communication studies. Ranney is the founder of Foleeo, an online portfolio management service where business professionals, companies and organizations can upload their work experience, skills, talents and expertise.

How did the Innovation Engine help grow your business?
I started building Foleeo before I became a part of the Innovation Center. I was in an entrepreneurial class with Kevin Aspegren, professor for The College of Business. I approached him with the idea and he really inspired me to get started. He guided me in filling out an entire business plan. I applied for the Innovation Center with just the idea and a couple mock-ups. Then, from there, my business began to grow because of the skills and expertise I learned from the Innovation Engine.  

Can you tell me more about your company, Foleeo?
We launched recently and had one glitch, but, so far, it’s been going well. I have been working with OSU to start promoting and populating the site. Hopefully it will take off from there.

What do you do?
I am continually building relationships with potential customers and researching my market everyday.

How do you feel your Scripps College of Communication degree has helped you in your career thus far?
Any public speaking course I took really helped me. I didn’t get nervous public speaking, but, as I got older, it became harder. It was nerve-wracking doing pitches during the Innovation Engine. I remembered the skills and tips I learned from all my communication courses. 

How did your extracurricular activities or internship(s) help you with your career?
My college internship had to do with social media and search engine optimization. My whole site is based around social media and SEO. The internship was so helpful to gain that experience and use it now for my company.

What is the most important thing you believe has helped you secure your current position?
The Innovation Engine really helped, but going through all my courses and learning all the things I liked through my internship made me realize I needed a portfolio. I wanted to save my documents on one platform. That is how came up with the idea of Foleeo.

What is the single most important piece of advice you’d like to give to Scripps students?
Don’t let your doubts sabotage your actions. A lot of times I found if I was really fearful or anxious, it would prohibit me from any future actions. Push for it; you should do what you want to do.

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- Katie Quinn, social media intern