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VisCom Knight Fellowship awarded to Adonis Durado

Claire Berlin | Oct 13, 2017

Adonis Durado has been named the 2017-18 Knight Fellow in the Ohio University School of Visual Communication. / Photo by Kaitlin Owens

VisCom Knight Fellowship awarded to Adonis Durado

By Claire Berlin

ATHENS, Ohio (Oct. 13, 2017)—Editorial designer and visual journalist Adonis Durado has been named the 2017-18 Knight Fellow in the Ohio University School of Visual Communication. The fellowship allows artists in their mid-career an opportunity to earn their master’s degree while teaching VisCom students.

Durado started his career working at an advertising agency and then moved to editorial news design at a newspaper. He said it seemed as if his career has consisted of about 70% in publication and 30% in advertising agencies. His works have been honored by the Society for News Design, the Society of Publication Designers, the Society of Illustrators, Type Directors Club, Communication Arts magazine, HOW magazine, Creative Quarterly magazine, Folio Awards, Asia Media Awards, and Malofiej Infographics Awards.

“As a designer I like information graphics, because it’s the marriage of art and journalism,” Durado said.

Originally from Cebu City, Philippines, Durado saw an ad for the Knight Fellowship at the Society for News Design (SND) and became interested in this mid-career opportunity at the VisCom program.

“At that time, I’d been working for almost 15 years,” said Durado. “I really love to teach and mentor people but in the Philippines, they are very strict and you have to have an MA to teach. When I saw this ad, I thought that this is an opportunity to get my MA, live in the United States and be able to choose what particular field I wanted to study [in the program].”

During the year, the Knight Fellow engages with current VisCom students through teaching and mentorship. This semester, Durado has been teaching his concept of “scrapping” to VisCom students and classes.

“I developed this process, called scrapping, where I can teach a technique on how to conceptualize and visualize quickly,” said Durado. “You internalize the story, you search for the best visuals or techniques and by the process of adding and subtracting, you combine ideas, inspiration and elements together to create a new page design.”

Associate Professor and Graduate Director in the School of Visual Communication Becky Sell is looking forward to having Durado share his professional insight with students.

“We are thrilled to have Adonis joining VisCom as this year's Knight Fellow,” said Sell. “I first spoke with him about the program a few years ago, and am so glad to finally have him in Athens. Adonis is deeply talented and well versed in creating a culture of design, including seeing visual opportunities to tell stories. His renowned creative talent, professional experience and aspirations are a tremendous addition to the school.”

Durado was offered the fellowship position a few years ago, but postponed the appointment until his daughter, Yana, was old enough to attend college. He now lives in Athens with his daughter, who is now a first-year student in the Ohio University School of Media Arts & Studies.

“She’s enjoying it, I’ve never seen her so inspired. She likes it here,” said Durado.  

To learn more about the Knight Fellow program and the School of Visual Communication, visit