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COMS’ Christina Beck a nominee for NCA leadership position

Oct 29, 2012


COMS’ Christina Beck a nominee for NCA leadership position

By Stephanie Gort

ATHENS, Ohio (OCT. 29, 2012)—Dr. Christina S. Beck, a professor in the School of Communication Studies in the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, has been nominated for Second Vice President of the National Communication Association (NCA).

“The NCA is one of the major higher education communication associations in the country,” said Scripps Interim Dean Scott Titsworth. “Established in 1918, it is the oldest and largest association in the industry. The title of second vice president, and its progression to vice president and president of the NCA brings a great deal of notoriety to the home college and the home school of the winning academic. We’re all pulling for Dr. Beck, and we are extremely proud of her accomplishments.”

Dr. Beck served as past editor of the Communication Yearbook and past president of the Central States Communication Association during her time at OHIO. In addition, she has served with NCA and the Western States Communication Association.   

“I am really excited about the opportunity to continue serving the National Communication Association, if elected,” Dr. Beck said. “I’m very honored by the nomination and excited to talk with members of NCA on what they would like as their visions for NCA.”

With a diverse background across the NCA, including service on association-wide committees and Legislative Assembly, Dr. Beck is eager to find ways to enable members to feel more in a sense of community.

“The whole gist of what I want to do with the association involves having conversation,” she said. “I think it’s important, especially for communication scholars, to talk to each other and build a sense of community, not just in terms of sharing resources for research or sharing teaching tips, but also in terms of truly feeling like there is a network of individuals who care about you and who want to help you in succeeding the goals you have for yourself.”

Refining the sense of community for networking purposes within the NCA is a goal Dr. Beck wishes to achieve if she is chosen as second vice president. Virtually establishing relationships within the association goes along with her goal of building on those connections during conferences. Part of her leadership would also involve having conversations with people to see what the issues are and what they see as part of the solutions that can be workable for those issues.

Titsworth, a longtime member of the association, feels Beck has a great shot at the position.

“Dr. Beck’s professional organization experience, particularly as president of the Central States Communication Association, coupled with her reputation as a leading scholar, puts her in a very good position to win the election,” Titsworth said. “If she is elected, she will be the second person in the school’s history to receive the honor, as Professor Raymie McKerrow held the position in 1998, serving as vice president in 1999, and president of the NCA in 2000.”

Considering herself an open book, Dr. Beck genuinely wants people to get to know her by learning as much information about her as possible during her campaign.

“I urge people to engage in conversation with me on e-mail or Facebook or read my blog and send me a question,” Dr. Beck said. “I really want to have as many interactions with people who are involved with the National Communication Association as possible.”

For more information or to get into contact with Dr. Beck before the election beginning January 8 and ending February 12, 2013, contact her via the School of Communication Studies home page, Facebook, or her blog.

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